December Newsletter 2020

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December 2020
Happy holidays! Spread some joy.

ManageEngine one of the top 10 PIM vendors, says Forrester report

The recent Forrester Wave on privileged identity management elaborates on the recognition.

Ride the Wave with us

ManageEngine Cybersecurity Report 2020

Cyberattacks are ever-evolving, and 2020 was a watershed moment due to the pandemic. Get an overview of newer attacks and their impact across industries.

A timely infographic

[E-book] Top 7 vulnerability management questions answered

Should my security rely solely on patching? Are CVSS scores reliable? How do I deal with zero-days? Find the answers in our e-book.

Dispel your doubts now

Learn security essentials and become cyberaware

Cybersecurity and cyberawareness are everyone’s responsibility. Learn about some of the latest attacks and how you can stop them.

Demystify security

Data security best practices for remote workers

Remote work makes your network more vulnerable to attacks. Read our guide to learn how to detect security compromises in your perimeter and automate your threat response.

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3 ways to cut Active Directory administration costs

Trying to use native Active Directory tools to tackle today’s IT challenges is ineffective and puts undue strain on your organization’s IT budget. Here’s how to avoid it.

Start saving

Develop immunity against RDP- and VPN-based attacks

Check out this exclusive guide on how multi-factor authentication can stop RDP- and VPN-based attacks besides helping you comply with regulatory mandates.

Become immune

Leveraging advanced IP scanning for IP address management

Here’s how advanced IP scanning optimizes address space usage, helps you plan ahead, and simplifies IPAM.

Dive into the details

Protect your website from hijack attempts

Safeguard your website from unauthorized hacks and neutralize all defacements before customers are affected to keep your business’s reputation intact.

Ensure website integrity

Upcoming webinars


Windows Security 101: Protecting business sensitive data with file system auditing

  Dec 16, 2020

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MITRE ATT&CK training: Staying ahead of adversarial tactics

  Dec 22, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


5 user behavioral patterns to look out for in a decentralized workspace


Port scanner 101: What it is and why should you use it


The rise in credential stuffing attacks


An 8-point checklist to get Cisco management right

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December Newsletter 2019

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December 2019

Mumbai UserConf ’20: Learn from the experts
behind the tools you love

Join us at our first ever user conference in India for two days of
hands-on training, one-on-one sessions, and tons of fun.


Claim your early-bird pricing

A single stolen identity can bankrupt
your company

Companies can lose as much as $4 million due to bad identity
and access management (IAM) practices. Here’s how you can
avoid taking a hit like this by rethinking your IAM strategy.


Secure identities

Will cyber terrorism bring down
your organization?

Cyber terrorists can easily carry out attacks such as
credential stuffing or password spraying, which can
prove catastrophic if successful.


Avoid disaster

Why choose between security, simplified
identity, and privilege management
when you can have them all?

Here are five simple hacks that will guarantee error-free,
secure, and swift management of identities and access rights.


Show me

A white paper: Windows 10 migration and
combating its impact on browsers

Read our white paper to find out how Windows 10 migration
can affect the browsing experience for end users, and what
you can do to ensure a seamless transition.


Brace yourself

Free support for Windows 7
Extended Security Updates (ESU)

Eliminate the hassle of deploying Windows 7 ESU using
ManageEngine’s patch management solutions.
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Achieving optimal Android security in your enterprise the CIS Benchmarks way!

Learn about the twenty most enterprise-critical CIS Android
Benchmarks, and how Mobile Device Manager Plus can
help you easily achieve these on your corporate devices.


Learn more

2019: A look back

New monitoring capabilities, integrations, and a smarter iOS
app, plus 17 exclusive seminars and attendance at 18 industry
events–Site24x7 has had a busy year! Take a look at our
year-end review to catch up on anything you may have missed.


2019: Year in review!

Are your network devices safe?

Detect devices in your network running vulnerable firmware,
and see ways to protect your network from imminent attacks.


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Upcoming webinars


Limit Active Directory attack radius with efficient management practices


Dec 18, 2019

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Why poor IAM could easily cost your organization as much as $4 million, and how to prevent it


Dec 18, 2019

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Unlock the secrets to user logon auditing and prevent attacks


Dec 19, 2019

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Top blog posts


G2 recognizes ManageEngine as a High Performer and Momentum Leader in UEM


ManageEngine recognized as best cloud security vendor


Cleaning up inactive user accounts in Active Directory


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All other company and product names may be trademark of the respective companies
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December Newsletter 2018

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December, 2018

Happy holidays! Spread some joy.

Remembering 2018, a year of change


As we approach 2019, we look back and size up what ManageEngine has achieved over the past year.

Go back in time

Kick-start a proactive cybersecurity strategy for 2019


Ransomware attacks will cause an estimated $11.5 billion in damages across the globe in 2019. Fortify your business’ security before it’s too late.

Prep for 2019

10 firewall best practices for security admins


Firewall rules, if left unmanaged, can leave your network open to attacks. Learn how to configure your firewall for maximum effectiveness.

Fuel your firewall

A must-have guide on secure password sharing practices for enterprises


Gain insight into detrimental password sharing practices that can put your organization at risk, and learn how to handle them with expert tips on better password security.

Wise up

Aurora monitoring redefined


Embrace the security, reliability, availability, and simplicity of open-source databases with support for Amazon Aurora in Applications Manager.

Amazing Aurora

Keep a close eye on changes made to your business-critical files


With DataSecurity Plus’ file change monitoring tool, you can easily track and analyze every activity happening in your file servers.

Simplify server security

Free resource kit: One solution for Office 365 migration, security, and management


Get all the resources you need for free Office 365 migration to improve security and compliance, and simplify Exchange Online and Azure AD management.

Here’s all you need

Safeguard files and folders in your Linux devices with Log360


Track the creation, modification, deletion, and renaming of files and folders in Linux devices, along with permission changes, using predefined reports and alerts.

Tell me more

Smart, data-driven Active Directory management with custom dashboards


Focus on the critical aspects of AD and track the status of AD tickets from ADManager Plus’ revamped dashboard with an intuitive, flat UI.

Try it now
The role of SIEM in PCI DSS compliance January 22, 2019 Register »
This month’s top blog posts
Microsoft Patch Tuesday update November 2018
Deploying OSs to remote offices just got easier
OpManager doubles the number of device templates,
cuts your work in half
Secure your browser against these 5 threats
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