February Newsletter 2021

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February 2021

Cloud-based remote monitoring platform for MSPs

Differentiate your MSP practice. Leverage Site24x7’s full-stack monitoring capabilities to gain comprehensive insights across the IT environments of your SMBs and enterprise customers.

Be customer ready

Best practices for selecting an endpoint management solution

Download our PeerPaper, and hear from our customers’ perspective about how they chose their endpoint security management solutions.

Hear from users directly

E-book: Save on cloud spending using ITOps analytics

Moving to the cloud should save you money, so why are your budget reports still showing higher spending on the cloud?

Find out why

Five AD management challenges in 2021, and how to overcome them

Predictions by Gartner and Forrester on IT management trends this year show Active Directory management could get more challenging in 2021. Here’s how to overcome it.

Simplify AD management

OpManager helps MEP up its network monitoring game

By leveraging OpManager, MEP, a Costa Rican educational organization, gained improved visibility into its IT infrastructure along with improved health and performance.

Check out how

Identify the use of risky cloud services by your employees

Use ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus to track your organization’s web traffic, and create policies to ban inappropriate web content.

Control cloud access

Address your organization’s mobile app management challenges

Streamline mobile app management by efficiently deploying store and in-house apps, locking down devices to required app(s), optimizing app usage and managing multiple app versions.

Learn more

Achieve POPIA compliance with the help of ManageEngine solutions

Meet the extensive security, audit, and documentation requirements of POPIA with our IT management solutions.

Start here

Upcoming webinars


Effective PAM strategies to combat cyberthreats in evolving work environments

  Feb 23, 2021

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Looking back and moving forward: Your IT security strategy

  Mar 2, 2021

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Building a cost-effective, functional network management strategy

  Mar 10, 2021

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Top blog posts of this month


Global remote work stats in 2020 for IT admins


Protect your organization against Adrozek


Five worthy reads: Supply chain cyberwarfare


Credential dumping attacks in Windows environments

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February Newsletter 2020

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February 2020

UserConf ’20: We’re back on the West Coast with
an even bigger User Conference!

At UserConf ’20, you get to meet the people behind the products
you love, network with peers, and discover ways to transform
your IT management over two fun-filled days.


Grab your early-bird tickets now!

UserConf ’20: ManageEngine invites you!

At UserConf ’20, you get to meet the people behind the products
you love, network with peers, and discover ways to transform
your IT management over two fun-filled days.


Reserve your spot now!

UserConf ’20: Another year, another big
conference from ManageEngine!

Don’t miss your chance to catch live demos, hands-on training, one-on-one
sessions with experts, networking opportunities, and more.


See you in Dubai

America’s first data privacy law is here.
Are you ready for the CCPA?

Become CCPA compliant, and improve your privacy stance
with the right set of tools and best practices.


Show me how

The DHS’ warning of potential foreign
cyber threats

Read about common tactics used by foreign cyberattackers, and
how to mitigate their impact with timely detection and
proactive counter measures.


Heed the warning

Secure identities with an automated
HR-driven IAM strategy

Synchronize and protect employee data across platforms by unifying
your Active Directory with enterprise human resource management
system (HRMS) tools.


Fortify identities

Automate and accelerate your firewall policy

Gain complete control over your firewall policy infrastructure by predicting
the impact of a change and automating rule administration.


Automate now

IT security hardening at healthcare organizations

Check out our e-book that IT security professionals can use to improve
the security posture of their organizations.


Up your game

Data protection for Office 365: Whose
responsibility is it?

Learn why Microsoft’s data recovery features are not equipped to deal
with various threats, and how you can overcome these limitations.


Protect your Office 365 data

Seven tips for effective server monitoring

Download our e-book on seven essential tips for server admins
to monitor server performance effectively, and learn how to
troubleshoot issues proactively.


Become an expert

[E-book] Network configuration management
best practices

Take a look at some of the best practices that can help IT admins ensure
hassle-free network configuration management and avoid errors.


Grab your copy

Guide to overcoming Brexit’s data
management challenges

Download our guide to understand how businesses can overcome
Brexit and the data law modifications it may cause.


Be prepared

Upcoming webinars


Simplifying healthcare security: Protect against cyberattacks and save your patients from identity fraud


Feb 19, 2020

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Leverage analytics to get a unified view of enterprise IT


Feb 20, 2020

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Hybrid IT monitoring strategies for 2020


Feb 26, 2020

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The secret to delivering exceptional customer service


Feb 27, 2020

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Empower your help desk with user management capabilities


Feb 27, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


A subject matter expert’s review: RouterFreak on OpManager


Five worthy reads: The road to empowering employees through data democratization


IT security: PowerShell as a cyberattack tool


Reinventing hybrid monitoring with AI and automation


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February newsletter 2019

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February, 2019

E-book: Seven reasons your help desk needs analytics


Create custom metrics. Perform investigative analysis. The reasons don’t stop there.

Dig deep

Gain visibility on every layer of your app stack with 50+ plug-ins


Keep tabs on the subsystems in your application platform to optimize your server monitoring experience. Gather custom metrics from MySQL, Apache, NGINX, and Nagios, or build your own plug-in.

Unveil hidden layers

Top IT security risks that you need to address ASAP


Unmanaged privileged accounts can amplify security threats and leave your organization vulnerable to privilege abuse attacks. Use Password Manager Pro to mitigate password-related security risks.

Monitor privileged accounts

What makes Patch Manager Plus a secure solution for enterprise patching?


Learn what goes into the security hardening of our patch management software.

Patch the secure way

Best ways to map the business impact of application performance issues


This e-book will walk you through the challenges you might face during application monitoring, their impact on your business, and how you can overcome them effectively.

Show me how

E-book: Top 10 tips to protect your company’s data from malicious insiders


Learn how to prevent security breaches perpetrated by ignorant, negligent, or malicious employees.

Look within

AD password caches troubling your telecommuters?


Never let forgotten passwords get in the way of your telecommuters’ work. Empower them to reset their passwords by themselves, even when on the move.

Watch and learn

Find and investigate malicious emails in Office 365


Go beyond keyword-based content searches. Ensure complete protection of personally identifiable information and confidential business data with pattern-based searches, custom search schedules, and more.

Start searching
Making IT more efficient with password sync and single sign-on February 20, 2019 Register »
How to manage IT projects like a pro using analytics February 21, 2019 Register »
Stay ahead with SIEM: Beat rampant threats in 2019 February 26, 2019 Register »
Break free of application performance barriers February 27, 2019 Register »
Securing critical business data with a comprehensive Office 365 mailbox content search February 28, 2019 Register »
The changing role of ITSM in 2019 March 5, 2019 Register »
Monitoring Active Directory: How thinking from an attacker’s perspective helps March 7, 2019 Register »
This month’s top blog posts

A year of Meltdown and Spectre: Questions that still remain
ManageEngine recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant for
Security Information and Event Management three years in a row
Five worthy reads: The role of workforce preparedness in digital transformation
KPIs to monitor for optimal SQL Server performance
Six reasons why data backups are crucial for your business
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February 2014
Password Self-Service for Mac OS X with login agent
News & Updates

ServiceDesk Plus 9.0 rolls out with change workflow and other enhancements.

Learn more…

MSPs, now you can securely manage the privileged passwords of your customers’ IT
assets from a single console yet maintain complete segregation using Password Manager Pro MSP Edition.

Learn more…

DeviceExpert (v5.9) now supports seven new device models, including Aruba Controller, Juniper LoadBalancer, and Check Point GAiA Firewall.

Learn more…

AssetExplorer 6.1 gains new features and enhancements.

Learn more…

Windows services monitoring goes mobile with Server Health Monitor. Get the free
Android app here.

Learn more…

Desktop Central’s mobile device management now includes iOS 7-specific policies and restrictions such as allowing/blocking of Airdrop, Touch ID, and more.

Learn more…

ExchangeReporter Plus now supports Exchange 2013, so you can migrate to Exchange
2013 while obtaining usage statistics for all Exchange environments.

Learn more…

Ensure high uptime of your ManageEngine product installation using Site24x7’s free service and start/stop monitoring processes from your mobile device.

Learn more…

Analyst Blogs
Still with Windows XP? Your business is at stake!
Microsoft Under Nadella: Reimagining Mobile And Cloud, Finally.
When love is in the air, cyber-criminals are on the prowl
What VMware’s $1.54B Airwatch Acquisition Means for Enterprise Mobility.
IT Security and Auditing Framework – A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
ADAudit Plus ServiceDesk plus ADAudit Plus
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