July Newsletter 2021

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July 2021

Celebrating the heroes of IT

Now more than ever is the time for us to share our appreciation for our superheroes in disguise. Here’s to celebrating the heroes of IT—our sysadmins. Participate in Sysadmin Day 2021 for a chance to win exciting prizes!

Celebrate with us

Cyberattacks are evolving. What about your cyber defense?

Get one step closer to obtaining the UK’s Cyber Essentials certifications with the help of ManageEngine solutions for upgrading your cyber defense.

Find out how

Is your enterprise’s biggest security threat already within?

The true cost of insider attacks goes beyond the initial damage caused by them. View this infographic to learn about insider threats, detection and mitigation strategies, and more.

Combat insider threats

12 best practices to strengthen data security

Focusing on both data-centric and user-centric security controls is essential for data security. Here are our 12 data security best practices to help you reinforce data security.

Show me more

Cybersecurity hack: Combining threat intelligence with UEBA

Combining threat intelligence with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is effective in combating external attacks as well as insider threats. Learn how you can implement this all-around “hack” in your organization.

Learn the hack

[E-book] 5 reasons why VPN MFA is indispensable

Here are the top reasons why securing access to VPN providers like Fortinet, Juniper, or Cisco with a secondary authentication factor is indispensable for ensuring ybersecurity.

Dive into the details

An agent-based solution to manage distributed servers

Monitor critical servers distributed geographically using cloud- and agent-based server monitoring. Collect and set thresholds for crucial server performance metrics and react when an issue is detected.

Track server performance

Cloud traffic monitoring simplified

NetFlow Analyzer now offers support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud flow logs to help monitor and manage Amazon Web Services resources and virtual private clouds in your network with ease.

Start monitoring now

Analytics for ServiceDesk Plus’ user surveys

Transform user feedback into growth. Carefully analyze results from user surveys and get actionable insights to improve help desk performance.

Start analyzing now

Upcoming webinars


Exploring 5 most common types of cyberattacks

  Aug 11, 2021

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Exploring 5 most common types of cyberattacks

  Aug 12, 2021

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Endpoint security for anywhere operations: A future-ready strategy

  Aug 12, 2021

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Make your IT operations future-proof with the Branch of One architecture

  Aug 17, 2021

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Top blog posts of this month


The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack: Lessons for cybersecurity teams


The importance of behavior analytics in your organization’s cybersecurity


The role of endpoints in the security of your network


Confidential computing – The way forward in cloud security

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July Newsletter 2020

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July 2020

SysAdmin Day 2020 celebrations

It’s that time of the year again—time to appreciate and celebrate our sysadmins, the true champions of IT. Participate in the 2020 SysAdmin Olympics, and win exciting prizes.


Celebrate with us

Gear up for the remote work reality with ManageEngine

Ensure business continuity by providing secure tools for remote infrastructure management.


Get started today

ManageEngine launches a stellar Office365 security solution

Detect security attacks and analyze risky activities with M365 Security Plus—an exclusive Office 365 security solution. Leverage advanced security features to fortify Office 365.


Explore now

ManageEngine named Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for UEM

Apart from being named an “Overall Leader,” KuppingerCole also recognized Manageengine as a “Product Leader,” and an “Innovation Leader.”


Dive into the details

Launching advanced analytics for ServiceNow

Supercharge your help desk with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards by integrating ServiceNow with Analytics Plus.


Fire it up

Stop overspending on your cloud resources

Gain visibility into your AWS cloud spending, and cut down costs spent on redundant resources. Set budgets, and track project-wise spending.


Control your costs

See what KuppingerCole has to say about ManageEngine PAM360

A new Executive View report on ManageEngine PAM360 is out! Learn what a senior analyst at KuppingerCole had to say about PAM360’s privileged access management capabilities.


An expert opinion

Remote employee management with ADManage Plus

Fortify your network by effectively managing remote employees’ identity and access rights.


Learn more

NetFlow Analyzer gets an upgrade with the APM integration

Proactively monitor your business-critical APM services and applications, all from your network traffic analysis tool.


The best of both worlds

A complete guide to developing an effective DLP strategy

Learn how to choose the right data loss prevention (DLP) software for your organization, and perfect your DLP strategy using our six – step plan.


No more data leaks

Info-Tech recognizes Desktop Central as a Leader in Unified Endpoint Management

In competing against 15 other vendors from the UEM space, ManageEngine has earned the highest rankings in Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant report. Explore our comprehensive Product Scorecard.


Download the reports

Upcoming webinars


Push the limits of your conventional network infrastructure


July 22, 2020

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Leading by innovation: AI, IT, and the new normal


July 22, 2020

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Leading by innovation: AI, IT, and the new normal


July 22, 2020

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Artificial Intelligence in everyday IT management


July 28, 2020

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Creating an early warning system to avoid insider threats due to remote workers


July 30, 2020

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Four key components critical to the future of privileged access management


Aug 04, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


Your return-to-the-office cybersecurity checklist


Privacy in pandemic management


Curtail security exploits in applications and fortify your remote endpoints


Securing Azure Active Directory from PowerShell abuse



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July Newsletter 2019

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July, 2019

Celebrating the champions of IT


This SysAdmin Day, enjoy a quick game of Downtime Dash, show
your appreciation by sending e-cards to your fellow sysadmins,
and compete for a chance to win some cool prizes.

Celebrate with us

“AD360, a good solution for AD-centered
SMBs”  – KuppingerCole


Respected IT and Information Security Analyst Martin Kuppinger shares
how AD360 can add depth to your identity and access management
with user life cycle automation.

An expert opinion

What is junk data costing your organization?


Stale files take up an average of 33 percent of an organization’s total
storage. Learn how much you can save by clearing out stale data.

View the infographic

E-book: Simplify Office 365 identity management
with life cycle orchestration


Improve IT efficiency using event-driven Office 365 user life cycle
automation through customized condition-based flowcharts.

Create your automation

White paper: Load testing essentials for
a sound business continuity plan


Three must-have fail-safe mechanisms to reduce downtime
and improve protection against data disasters with Active
Directory backup and recovery.

Done with downtime

Site24x7 + Azure Deployment
Manager = Safer deployments


Monitor the health of your services and ensure
only effective, relevant updates are deployed.

Time for a checkup

Advanced analytics for ServiceDesk
Plus asset management


Optimize asset utilization, make better purchase decisions, and
reduce IT costs with advanced analytics for asset management.

Get insights now

Gather real-time stats for AWS Elastic
 Load Balancing (ELB)


Monitor application load balancers, analyze traffic patterns, and
easily resolve load balancer issues with Applications Manager.

Take a load off

OpManager now integrates with Slack


With the new Slack-OpManager integration, receive real-time alerts,
discuss troubleshooting steps with peers, make quick decisions,
and avoid possible downtime.

Support for Slack

Introducing a brand-new OS Deployer


OS Deployer has a new look, fresh features, and advanced
techniques for easy OS imaging and deployment.

Check it out

Join us in Toronto for our first-ever
User Conference in Canada


Don’t miss your chance to catch live demos, hands-on training,
one-on-one sessions with experts, networking opportunities,
and more.Tickets now available at half off.

Claim your early-bird tickets

One year of the GDPR: A look back


The GDPR, one of the strictest privacy laws to date, has
 strengthened data privacy regulations across every
 industry. We’ve uncovered some fascinating
statistics about its first year.

In retrospect
ServiceDesk Plus’ Masterclass Webinar Series July 17, 2019 Register »
Monitor your network performance and network maps July 17, 2019 Register »
Protect your network from threats: Optimize firewall performance July 23, 2019 Register »
Improve Active Directory security with advanced password policy controls and MFA July 23, 2019 Register »
SIEM for beginners July 25, 2019 Register »
Save big with advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus asset management July 25, 2019 Register »
This month’s top blog posts
Microsoft Patch Tuesday June 2019: 88 vulnerabilities to fix, but how?
Helping IT admins tackle commonly encountered web application issues
Five worthy reads: Fend off cyberattacks using dark web intelligence
Five worthy reads: Should NoOps be your new operations strategy?
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July Newsletter – 2018

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july, 2018

Your cloud help desk, now in your mailbox


ServiceDesk Plus introduces its industry-first add-in for Microsoft Outlook, bringing your service desk straight to end users’ and technicians’ Outlook and Office 365 mailboxes.

You’ve got mail

Privileged account management: The top security project for 2018


Gartner named privileged account management the top security project CISOs should focus on in 2018. Start securing and managing your privileged accounts today.

The perfect PAM plan

Stay on top of Active Directory from
anywhere, anytime


Manage and report on AD, Office 365, Exchange, and G Suite around the clock, even
when you’re on the move.

AD, all day

It’s your day, celebrate your way


You’ve been hard at work all year long. Have some fun and win a few prizes this
SysAdmin Day.

Here’s to you

Wondering how to identify email-bound security threats?


Find out how Exchange Reporter Plus helps you audit your Exchange environment.

Mail without malware

How to prove you’re compliant
with the GDPR


Find out how Log360’s predefined GDPR audit report template and capabilities can help
you achieve and prove GDPR compliance.

Prove yourself

Why every enterprise needs a DPO


Desktop Central’s DPO dashboard is designed to show you every detail of your enterprise’s data flow so you can identify network security levels and come up with preventive measures to avoid unexpected data leaks.

A dash of DPO

ManageEngine User Conference and 
training in London


Two days of unlimited learning, training, and fun with industry peers—all at no cost to you.

London’s calling

ManageEngine User Conference and 
training in Chicago


Two days of extensive IT management lessons, hands-on product training, and networking opportunities with industry peers.

Count me in

Site24x7’s exclusive agent for your Docker containers


Install the agent in minutes, then jump right into monitoring Docker containers as well as their underlying hosts.

A very special agent

[E-book] The admin’s guide for comprehensive Office 365 compliance and security


Learn how to generate exhaustive IT compliance reports, promptly detect malware attacks and data loss, and set critical alerts for Office 365 apps.

Secure Office 365 now

Storage management: How to do it the right way July 26, 2018 Register »
Tracking and securing insider threats August 6, 2018 Register »
This month’s top blog posts
Selecting an IAM solution that fits your enterprise
Start managing Active Directory from your help desk with the new AD management plug-in
Your organization is only as secure as its weakest password
Five worthy reads: How secure is your smart voice assistant?
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July Newsletter – 2014

July 2014
Introducing unified monitoring with hosted offering for evaluation
News & Updates

Turn mobile devices into monitoring locations with Site24x7 Mobile Network Poller App. Track mobile apps, websites via Verizon, AT&T, other 3G/4G and WiFi networks.

Learn more…

Password Manager Pro now grants complete control over privileged sessions to
administrators by enabling them to terminate privileged sessions in real time if any suspicious activity is found.

Learn more…

OpStor now supports EMC Celerra, EMC VNX, Hitachi HUS and HP MSA P2000 storage devices

Learn more…

AD360 introduces Apps Pane – lets you instantly access all the other ManageEngine ADSolutions products from the same browser tab. Also, SSO via NTLM is now supported for enhanced security.

Learn more…

ADSelfService Plus now lets you take control of users’ self-service actions with the Self-Service Approval Workflow feature.

Learn more…

Office 365 reporting, the latest addition to ADManager Plus’s feature set, helps extract data about all licenses, licensed/unlicensed users and distribution/security groups, exclusive to Office 365.

Learn more…

Exchange Reporter Plus now offers comprehensive reports on “retention policies” and mailboxes associated with such policies. Also, you can now audit Exchange Server 2013 mailboxes.

Learn more…

Free SNMP MIB Browser now with over 750 built-in device templates; implemented
OIDs automatically listed based on device type.

Learn more…

Analyst Blogs
OpManager Launches Android App with Built-in QR Code Scanner
The DNA Of The Service Desk – From Customers To Strategy
Six Steps to Build an Effective Help Desk Knowledge Base
Windows Phone Support Added to Desktop Central’s MDM Menu
Take Control of Multi-Vendor Storage Environments with ManageEngine OpStor
Going Deep With Nested Group Audits
White Paper
Six Steps to Implementing Change Management that Works
Manageengine - ADAudit Plus Thanks Sysadmin Desktop Central
Aug 24 – 28, 2014
​vmworld 2014, CA
Sep 10, 2014
eCrime, Dubai
Video Zone
ManageEngine ADManager Plus Windows Server & Services Monitoring - ManageEngine iPhone App
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