October Newsletter 2020

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October 2020

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here!

Test your cybersecurity awareness, indulge your creative side to create a security-themed masterpiece, improve your cybersecurity know-how, and win exciting prizes.

Celebrate cybersecurity

We’re in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for PAM

For the second time in a row, we’ve captured a spot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions! Grab your free copy of the full report.

PAM360 picked

Introducing the endpoint security add-on for Desktop Central

Prevent threats by securing the vulnerable aspects of endpoints, such as unauthorized/unmonitored browsers, devices, and applications.

Check it out

Manage privilege creep without compromising productivity

One-off access requests often stand in the way of least privilege security principles. Handle these requests with ease using temporary privilege elevation or interim application access.

Try it now

Rethinking your cybersecurity monitoring strategy

New security loopholes were discovered in the last few months; it’s time to rethink your cybersecurity monitoring strategy. Our e-book discusses four key areas you should consider now.

Update your strategy

A complete guide to the HIPAA-NIST compliance crosswalk

Implementing HIPAA security rules can be challenging. Read our e-book to learn how HIPAA security rules can be better implemented by following the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Compliance simplified

Don’t let anomalies in email activity slip under your radar

Using just the native tools to monitor your Exchange server can be daunting. Learn how to detect and mitigate anomalies before they snowball into a huge data breach.

Show me how

E-book: Bandwidth monitoring best practices

Read about real-time bandwidth monitoring, finding the best monitoring tool, and streamlining your bandwidth management strategy.

Grab your copy

E-book: A deep dive into the SAMA Cybersecurity Framework

We’ll show you how to implement the SAMA Cybersecurity Framework to ensure robust security against unanticipated threats.

Your guide to SAMA

Ensure an uninterrupted web experience for users

Detect slow transactions, issues with APIs, load performance problems, and domain expiration to ensure website uptime, optimize performance, and deliver a delightful web experience.

Done with downtime

Upcoming webinars


Securing files and preventing data leaks

  Oct 28, 2020

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Five essential SIEM use cases for 2020 and beyond

  Nov 3, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


The evolving employee experience


Best practices for your cloud monitoring strategy


How to monitor IIS effectively


macOS 11 Big Sur: A bird’s-eye view

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October Newsletter 2019

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October 2019

ServiceDesk Plus announces rapid-start Enterprise
Service Management


Swiftly create and deploy unique service desk instances for business
teams like HR, facilities, and finance within 60 seconds with the
on-premises version of ServiceDesk Plus.

Up your game

Free e-book: Unified Endpoint Management
(UEM) for Dummies


Discover the importance of UEM, and explore simplified management,
robust security strategies, and precise data management protocols.

UEM made easy

Detect copied files and prevent data leaks
using DataSecurity Plus


Learn how to track, alert, and respond to critical files being copied
across your organization with DataSecurity Plus.

Plug the leaks

White paper: Group Policy change monitoring by
Microsoft MVP Derek Melber


Read about Group Policy auditing with Microsoft as well as solutions
that can help you fill in the gaps left by native auditing tools.

A word from the wise

Free e-book: A guide to implementing analytics in IT


Implementing analytics for IT is no small feat. To make it easier, we’ve
 compiled an e-book that outlines the steps involved in implementing
IT analytics.

Become an expert

VMware resource pool monitoring added by
popular demand


Take control of your VMware environment. Understand resource
allocation and avoid virtualization bottlenecks in minutes.

Plan ahead

Unravel the path to seamless Oracle Cloud


Gain complete visibility into your Oracle Cloud infrastructure, and track
key metrics such as block volumes, boot volumes, and network traffic.

Oversee Oracle

How cybersecure are you?


Hackers and viruses are finding new ways to enter your cyberspace.
Take the cybersecurity quiz to see where you stand, and learn best
practices to keep you and your organization safe from attackers.

Quiz me
Improve Active Directory security with advanced password policy controls and MFA Oct. 16, 2019 Register »
Virtual seminar – Active Directory & IT Security Oct. 16, 2019 Register »
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Incident detection and response with SIEM Oct. 22, 2019 Register »
Shortcuts to enhance AD security and ace compliance audits Oct. 23,2019 Register »
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This month’s top blog posts
The Joker’s in town. Time to secure your Android devices
Five worthy reads: Infrastructure as Code, the single source of truth
NTLM vulnerabilities that make you susceptible to relay attacks
ManageEngine’s first User Conference in Canada delivers plenty
of product training and fun
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October Newsletter – 2018

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October, 2018



Applications Manager is a game changer for leading mobile phone network provider


Learn how Digicel performs health checks 40 percent faster with Applications Manager.

Straight from the horse’s mouth


Changes to change management

in ServiceDesk Plus


Enhanced change, Active Directory, and mobile device management; an improved form customizer; a customizable login page; and more—all in ServiceDesk Plus 9418.

Time for a change


F5 joins list of supported vendors in

Firewall Analyzer


Generate detailed, out-of-the-box security and traffic reports on F5 BIG-IP firewalls using Firewall Analyzer.

Fire up the firewall


Free infographic to enhance your



Is your business equipped with the right security controls to combat evolving cybersecurity threats? Now’s the time to learn how to protect your network.

Grab your infographic


Visualize and automate network discovery

with Layer 2 maps


Get complete visibility into your network to visualize connectivity issues and optimize performance from a single window.

On to new discoveries


Feeling unequipped to manage your SSL environment?


Key Manager Plus now provides out-of-the-box enhancements that help you tighten your grip on SSL certificate management and avoid security threats and outages.

Get a sneak peek


ManageEngine strengthens endpoint security with the launch of Browser Security Plus


Browser Security Plus is a browser management solution that helps organizations secure their corporate data in the cloud and protect their networks from web-based cyberattacks.

Try it for free


SIEM is crucial for complying with PCI DSS


Read our free guide to learn how Log360 can help your organization meet important security requirements of PCI DSS compliance.

Secure cardholder data


The top 5 IT security red flags

to look out for


Pearls of wisdom for AD admins Here’s a handy way to find out if your organization is at risk.

I’m all ears


Detect all unauthorized logon attempts to

your network in real time


Audit logon failures to keep your Windows servers secure and compliant. Get real-time reports and instant email or SMS notifications.

Focus on failures

Securing and protecting networks: Endpoint security October 17, 2018 Register »
7 reports that will change the way you manage your help desk October 18, 2018 Register »
Securing and protecting Active Directory October 22,2018 Register »
Protect your network from threats: Optimize firewall performance October 23, 2018 Register »
This month’s top blog posts
Why mobile device management will enhance enterprise IT security
Tired of switching between multiple solutions to manage

different device types?

OpManager named leader in Software Reviews’ 2018

Network Monitoring Data Quadrant

Five worthy reads:

The human factor in IT teams and organizational success

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