ManageEngine Newsletter - September 2009
Automate OS deployment; Maximize your IT Potential
Does provisioning desktops make your employees work late-nights and week-ends to meet the deadlines? Do your IT staff spend long hours troubleshooting desktops with different OS versions? Do they complain that it's repetitive & labor intensive? Well, you are not alone. The IT staff of most mid-sized and large enterprises face similar challenges in their work.

OS Deployer features overview
ManageEngine OS Deployer, a comprehensive OS deployment solution comes to your rescue. It enables organizations to create an exact disk image of the given system including OS, standard configuration files and all the applications that can be deployed on multiple laptops and desktops rapidly and easily. These make it ideal for rapid bare-metal provisioning. It also captures multiple images of OS and applications based on the employee's role / department that can be deployed across multiple computers, irrespective of hardware type. OS Deployer also helps you get a corrupted PC work soon.
  • Centralized disk image capturing
  • Deployment Templates for various roles/departments that enables easy deployment
  • Flexible OS deployment options like Manual Deployment, Scheduled Deployment, Event-Driven Deployment, and so on
  • Post-Deployment Customization of the OS and Applications, like computer name, domain participation, etc.
  • Automatically provision dissimilar hardware using a single image
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Eventlog Analyzer 6 Distributed Edition Released

Eventlog Analyzer 6 Distributed Edition, addresses the centralized log management challenges of large enterprises and MSSPs. It provides sufficient room for scaling and ensures monitoring the hosts spread across different geographical locations.

Firewall Analyzer 6 Distributed Edition Released

Offers a slew of new features with accurate bandwidth monitoring and more device coverage. The Distributed Edition of Firewall Analyzer 6 addresses the network peripheral security management challenges of large enterprises and MSSPs.

Site24x7 Website Monitoring service introduces new iPhone Interface

Know the website outages, uptime status and SLA reports on the move. Site24x7 has released a new mobile interface that lets users access their Site24x7 account through their iPhones or other mobile phones.

ADAudit Plus Service Pack 3 Released

 “Multi-user login capabilities, GPO and OU Auditing" are the highlights of this renewed Active Directory change audit software. Take a look at the complete list of features and download your free copy today.

DeviceExpert 5.4 Released: Automatically synchronize startup & running configurations

DeviceExpert 5.4 offers provision to automatically synchronize startup and running configurations of network devices at periodic intervals through scheduled tasks. The release includes enhancements in configuration changes report, support for new device models and much more.

ADManager Plus:: Make a Helpdesk Technician play myriad roles across domains

ADManager Plus enhances Help Desk Delegation to support complete Enterprise Management with the following features:

  • Provision to assign diverse roles to the same Technician across domains
  • Ability to assign groups to Help Desk Technicians
  • OU-based Administration ... View more...

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Soon-to-expire password notification: Prevention is better than cure

Using ADSelfService Plus, the intuitive self-service password reset software, email password expiry notifications to domain users; remind them to change password at desired intervals and as many times as needed; prevent unnecessary account lockouts. The 'email notification feature'...

Create Custom Dashboards with Applications Manager

The ability to create Custom Dashboards in Applications Manager provides the much needed flexibility for customers to create performance metrics dashboards according to their own requirement. So, instead of the standard dashboard for all applications, an Oracle DBA can easily create a custom database dashboard that shows TableSpace status across all the database servers.

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