May Newsletter 2020

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May 2020

Thinking about implementing the ISO 20000 standard?

Align IT services, streamline conformance, and cut costs by implementing the ISO 20000 standard with the help of our comprehensive suite of IT management solutions.


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In the spotlight: ManageEngine in Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM

ManageEngine has been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring for the 8th time in a decade!


See what Gartner says

Complimentary SIEM add-on license until July 1st

To secure your network against the rising cyberattacks in the last few months, we are extending a helping hand by offering our SIEM solution, Log360, at no cost until July 1st.


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Patch Connect Plus features Intune Application Management

Leverage the hybrid SCCM infrastructure to create and deploy third-party applications seamlessly in Microsoft Intune using Patch Connect Plus’ Intune Application Management feature.


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Launching advanced analytics for Jira

Analytics Plus integrates out of the box with Jira Software to serve as a unified platform with insights on multi-project metrics, workflows, roadmaps, issues, backlogs, and bottlenecks.


Track projects now

Security practices for firms adopting a remote work model

Most companies are moving towards a work-from-home model, but remote employees are easy targets for hackers. Learn how to secure your network for a remote workforce.


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Securely enable remote work by managing mobile devices over the air

Manage your distributed workforce’s Apple, Android, Windows, and Chrome devices with Mobile Device Manager Plus while keeping security at the forefront.


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Infographic: The state of PKI (mis)management

Gain perspective on where enterprises stand today in public key infrastructure management. Evaluate your current state, and address any gaps right away.


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8 Patch Tuesday takeaways to reshape your patching strategy

Observing last year’s Patch Tuesday trends, our seasoned experts uncovered surprising insights that can help you craft the perfect Patch Tuesday plan.


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Why Zero Trust should be at the forefront of your IAM strategy

Implement a “never trust, always verify” approach to manage identities, and deter cyber threats.


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[Free e-book] The OIG’s Office 365 audit checklist

Learn how to configure the Office 365 security settings that can help you with a US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) audit.


Straight from the experts

Upcoming webinars


IT professionals’ guide to enabling organizational visibility


May 20, 2020

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Synergy between our in-house ITSM and IAM solutions: Enhance your service desk!


May 21, 2020

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ESM: How to rise to meet new service management challenges


May 27, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


The rise in cyberattacks surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic


Best practices to ensure data security while working remotely


Monitor VPNs—The secure gateway to your networks


Breaking down the San Francisco airport hack



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April Newsletter 2020

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April 2020

Secure remote access tools now free until July 1, 2020

Provide secure remote support to employees and customers. Securely establish remote connections to critical business systems.


Ready for remote work

60-day emergency remote work assistance

Grab this toolkit to set up password self-service, uninterrupted remote access, and SSO for your remote workers. Secure your business with MFA, user behavior analytics, and a remote backup.


Try out the toolkit

Endpoint management and security essentials for remote work

Equip yourself with an extensive arsenal of tools to oversee your remote workforce, orchestrate endpoint management routines, and reinforce your cyber resilience.


Gear up now

How to easily manage time tracking for remote employees

ADAudit Plus offers accurate time tracking and helps monitor employee active and idle time to ensure uninterrupted productivity.


Measure those minutes

The Monopoly Man features in our expert tech talk podcast

Listen to the Monopoly Man’s views on the importance of data privacy, the significance of compliance regulations, and much more in this two‑part podcast series.


Tune in now

ManageEngine takes big strides in cloud security with CASB

Audit your organization’s web traffic with DataSecurity Plus’ all-new cloud access security broker, or CASB (beta), to efficiently control high‑risk web activity and data uploads to the cloud.


Get a sneak peek

Launching advanced analytics for Zendesk

With Analytics Plus for Zendesk, you can now analyze support processes, measure agent performance, and gain vital clues to improve the overall quality of your services.


Zen insights

Desktop Central now offers Vulnerability Management

Introducing the Vulnerability Management add-on for Desktop Central—keep tabs on threats and vulnerabilities in your network, and manage and secure your endpoints, all from one interface.


Search and secure

Learn the what, why, and how of major incident management

Access this free guide to learn about major incident management concepts, workflows, and best practices for smooth IT service operations.


A major help

What security threats mean to the BFSI industry, and how Site24x7 can help

Find out how Site24x7 offers the BFSI industry a comprehensive, scalable, and secure IT management solution for today’s complex IT challenges.


Insure against threats

Top 3 considerations for business continuity planning

Implementing a disaster management plan is no small feat. To make it easier, we’ve compiled an e-book that outlines the steps involved in streamlining your disaster recovery plan.


A plan of action

Global news channel relies on OpManager

This world-renowned news and media company uses OpManager to ensure disruption-free news streaming, and estimates to have saved $300,000 annually by increasing network uptime.


Great news for IT

Upcoming webinars


Securing files and preventing data leaks


April 23, 2020

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Is your network ready to handle a remote workforce?


May 6, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


How VPN bandwidth monitoring helps retain remote workforce productivity


Monitoring the infrastructure that supports remote work with Site24x7


Microsoft issues KB4551762 to fix the SMBv3 Eternal Darkness flaw (CVE-2020-0796)


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March Newsletter 2020

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March 2020

Bid adieu to app-related threats with
Application Control Plus!

Maintain flawless endpoint security with application whitelisting and blacklisting, and endpoint privilege management all combined
into a single solution.


Take charge now

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 recognizes ManageEngine for SIEM

We believe our recognition in Gartner MQ for SIEM for the fourth consecutive year is proof that our efforts are focused in the right
direction. See why we are placed in the latest report.


Inside the MQ

We’re thrilled to be placed in the Forrester
Wave for UEM

Desktop Central was recognized for excelling in both traditional
and modern device management.


The best of both the worlds!

Stop sensitive files from being copied off
your servers

Learn how to disable file copy events, and prevent users from
copying sensitive data using DataSecurity Plus.


Show me how

Enjoy the benefits of Browser Security Plus from
the comfort of your Desktop Central console

You can now filter websites, restrict downloads from unauthorized
websites, detect and remove harmful Chrome extensions, and so
much more from your Desktop Central console.


Explore now

Resolve your help desk’s biggest challenges
with analytics

From balancing technician workloads to ensuring you have the right
number of assets in your inventory, discover how analytics can
help resolve your help desk’s biggest challenges.


Check it out

Free e-book: 7 ITSM success stories from
industry experts

Discover different ways ITSM can truly transform your business
operations. Learn from the experts and get inspired to create
your own success story.


Experts speak

Remediating the gaps in your data access
governance process

Discover the pitfalls in your data access governance system, and
eliminate them with effective identity and access management


Fill the gaps

AI-driven monitoring for DevOps and
IT operations

Site24x7 is powered by AI and robust machine learning algorithms
that help predict operational threats based on past data.


Harness the power of AI

The National Security Agency’s cloud security best practices

Our free e-book explains the cloud security recommendations given by the US National Security Agency (NSA), and how you can implement them in
your cloud environment.


Download now

Best practices for virtual machine (VM) management

Here are 10 easy-to-implement VM management methods that can help you improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) of your IT infrastructure.


Get your free copy

Upcoming webinars


Virtual seminar: Active Directory & IT Security


Mar 18, 2020

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Combating cyberthreats with a sound PAM strategy in 2020


Mar 18, 2020

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7 practical ITIL 4 tips for service professionals


Mar 26, 2020

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Get your hybrid IT monitoring strategy right!


Mar 31, 2020

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How to solve process-based problems to transform your IT organization


Apr 8, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


Sizing up the CCPA: How the USA’s new privacy regulation measures up against the GDPR


Is your business PCI DSS compliant?


Five worthy reads: Why AI-as-a-Service, or AIaaS, is quickly growing in popularity


An in-depth look at Linux: Its inception, adoption, and how to effectively monitor it


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February Newsletter 2020

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February 2020

UserConf ’20: We’re back on the West Coast with
an even bigger User Conference!

At UserConf ’20, you get to meet the people behind the products
you love, network with peers, and discover ways to transform
your IT management over two fun-filled days.


Grab your early-bird tickets now!

UserConf ’20: ManageEngine invites you!

At UserConf ’20, you get to meet the people behind the products
you love, network with peers, and discover ways to transform
your IT management over two fun-filled days.


Reserve your spot now!

UserConf ’20: Another year, another big
conference from ManageEngine!

Don’t miss your chance to catch live demos, hands-on training, one-on-one
sessions with experts, networking opportunities, and more.


See you in Dubai

America’s first data privacy law is here.
Are you ready for the CCPA?

Become CCPA compliant, and improve your privacy stance
with the right set of tools and best practices.


Show me how

The DHS’ warning of potential foreign
cyber threats

Read about common tactics used by foreign cyberattackers, and
how to mitigate their impact with timely detection and
proactive counter measures.


Heed the warning

Secure identities with an automated
HR-driven IAM strategy

Synchronize and protect employee data across platforms by unifying
your Active Directory with enterprise human resource management
system (HRMS) tools.


Fortify identities

Automate and accelerate your firewall policy

Gain complete control over your firewall policy infrastructure by predicting
the impact of a change and automating rule administration.


Automate now

IT security hardening at healthcare organizations

Check out our e-book that IT security professionals can use to improve
the security posture of their organizations.


Up your game

Data protection for Office 365: Whose
responsibility is it?

Learn why Microsoft’s data recovery features are not equipped to deal
with various threats, and how you can overcome these limitations.


Protect your Office 365 data

Seven tips for effective server monitoring

Download our e-book on seven essential tips for server admins
to monitor server performance effectively, and learn how to
troubleshoot issues proactively.


Become an expert

[E-book] Network configuration management
best practices

Take a look at some of the best practices that can help IT admins ensure
hassle-free network configuration management and avoid errors.


Grab your copy

Guide to overcoming Brexit’s data
management challenges

Download our guide to understand how businesses can overcome
Brexit and the data law modifications it may cause.


Be prepared

Upcoming webinars


Simplifying healthcare security: Protect against cyberattacks and save your patients from identity fraud


Feb 19, 2020

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Leverage analytics to get a unified view of enterprise IT


Feb 20, 2020

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Hybrid IT monitoring strategies for 2020


Feb 26, 2020

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The secret to delivering exceptional customer service


Feb 27, 2020

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Empower your help desk with user management capabilities


Feb 27, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


A subject matter expert’s review: RouterFreak on OpManager


Five worthy reads: The road to empowering employees through data democratization


IT security: PowerShell as a cyberattack tool


Reinventing hybrid monitoring with AI and automation


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January Newsletter 2020

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January 2020

ManageEngine 2019 year in review

Once again, the time has come to reflect on the year gone by.
Here’s a look back at what we’ve accomplished in the past year
and a sneak peek into what we have in store for you in 2020.


Let’s look back

UserConf ’20: Another year, another big
conference from ManageEngine!

At UserConf ’20, you get to meet the people behind the
products you love, network with peers, and discover ways to
transform your IT management over two fun-filled days.


Grab your tickets

Join us in Mumbai for our first ever
Indian User Conference

This exclusive conference for customers, evaluators, and partners
is the perfect chance to catch live demos, one-on-one sessions
with experts, networking opportunities, and more.


Reserve your seat now

UserConf ’20: Another year, another big
conference from ManageEngine!

Don’t miss your chance to catch live demos, hands-on
training, one-on-one sessions with experts, networking
opportunities, and more.


See you in Dubai

Explore the enterprise network market in 2020

Dive into the predicted major network trends for 2020, and learn
how they’ll impact different business models and processes.


Become market ready

OpManager helps popular MSP save thousands
on IT budget

Rojan, a popular Australian based managed IT services provider,
has leveraged OpManager to save huge on its IT budget. Here’s
its OpManager success story.


Read now

The latest ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 comes
packed with brand new features!

Introducing ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5, loaded with new features
like the MSP Business Dashboard, field service management, and
more. Upgrade now to boost your service desk’s performance.


Upgrade now!

Five cost-saving opportunities in the IT
asset life cycle

From asset procurement to disposal, check out our e-book to
discover five opportunities to save costs in the IT asset life cycle.


Start saving

Top 3 security measures that new-age
IGA practices will require

With identity governance and administration (IGA) practices
changing rapidly, learn the three security measures that will
become essential in your password management solution.


Don’t fall behind

Still using Windows 7? You’re in danger

Cybercriminals need to attack just one Windows 7 machine
to penetrate your entire network. Learn how you can
secure your network.


Migrate to Windows 10

Gain complete visibility into the world’s first
autonomous database

Streamline Oracle Autonomous Database management by gaining comprehensive insights into key performance indicators like
sessions, processes, connections, etc.


Time to automate

Upcoming webinars


Insider threats in 2020: Best practices for detection and protection


Jan 23, 2020

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Setting the cornerstone of a successful ITSM practice


Jan 23, 2020

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Security hardening begins with a clean Active Directory


Jan 29, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


Five worthy reads: The privacy implications of AI


StrandHogg vulnerability threatens 500 of the most popular Android apps


ManageEngine named a Champion in
IT asset management by Info-Tech Research Group


What is vulnerability management and why should enterprises adopt it?


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December Newsletter 2019

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December 2019

Mumbai UserConf ’20: Learn from the experts
behind the tools you love

Join us at our first ever user conference in India for two days of
hands-on training, one-on-one sessions, and tons of fun.


Claim your early-bird pricing

A single stolen identity can bankrupt
your company

Companies can lose as much as $4 million due to bad identity
and access management (IAM) practices. Here’s how you can
avoid taking a hit like this by rethinking your IAM strategy.


Secure identities

Will cyber terrorism bring down
your organization?

Cyber terrorists can easily carry out attacks such as
credential stuffing or password spraying, which can
prove catastrophic if successful.


Avoid disaster

Why choose between security, simplified
identity, and privilege management
when you can have them all?

Here are five simple hacks that will guarantee error-free,
secure, and swift management of identities and access rights.


Show me

A white paper: Windows 10 migration and
combating its impact on browsers

Read our white paper to find out how Windows 10 migration
can affect the browsing experience for end users, and what
you can do to ensure a seamless transition.


Brace yourself

Free support for Windows 7
Extended Security Updates (ESU)

Eliminate the hassle of deploying Windows 7 ESU using
ManageEngine’s patch management solutions.
Subscribe to learn more!


Subscribe now!

Achieving optimal Android security in your enterprise the CIS Benchmarks way!

Learn about the twenty most enterprise-critical CIS Android
Benchmarks, and how Mobile Device Manager Plus can
help you easily achieve these on your corporate devices.


Learn more

2019: A look back

New monitoring capabilities, integrations, and a smarter iOS
app, plus 17 exclusive seminars and attendance at 18 industry
events–Site24x7 has had a busy year! Take a look at our
year-end review to catch up on anything you may have missed.


2019: Year in review!

Are your network devices safe?

Detect devices in your network running vulnerable firmware,
and see ways to protect your network from imminent attacks.


Tell me more

Upcoming webinars


Limit Active Directory attack radius with efficient management practices


Dec 18, 2019

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Why poor IAM could easily cost your organization as much as $4 million, and how to prevent it


Dec 18, 2019

Register »

Unlock the secrets to user logon auditing and prevent attacks


Dec 19, 2019

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Top blog posts


G2 recognizes ManageEngine as a High Performer and Momentum Leader in UEM


ManageEngine recognized as best cloud security vendor


Cleaning up inactive user accounts in Active Directory


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November Newsletter 2019

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November 2019

PAM360 joins our well-rounded suite
for enterprise IT

Transform your security posture with powerful privileged access governance,
approval workflows with granular controls, advanced analytics, and contextual
integrations with various IT services.


The name says it all

Another year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant
for UEM

Desktop Central was recognized for its strong set of client management
functions, which help ensure that the migration to UEM doesn’t come
at the cost of key PC life cycle management features.


Gartner says…

Release Management reaches cloud
service desks

Multiple IT releases in the same week? No problem! Easily stay on top of
all your organization’s IT releases with the Release Management module.
Build, test, and deliver IT releases with minimal risks and greater transparency.


To seamless IT releases!

The conundrum of granting admin privileges
to top-level executives

Find out the top three reasons why IT teams should think twice before
giving C-suite executives privileged access to their IT environment.


The right rights

How to purge duplicate files and
reduce storage clutter

Optimize storage space by finding and deleting duplicate files in your
Windows file server environments with DataSecurity Plus.


No more duplicates

New in RecoveryManager Plus: SharePoint
Online and OneDrive for Business backup

Back up and restore important data from your Office 365 services, including
mailbox items, SharePoint Online sites, and OneDrive for Business files.


New for O365

Centralized configuration management?
Yes please!

Manage network configurations in distributed networks with the
new Network Configuration Manager Enterprise edition.


See what’s new

Untangling Hadoop clusters

Get a comprehensive overview, set alerts, and auto-resolve issues that
arise in your Hadoop clusters. Ensure jobs don’t fail and your
production clusters are always up and running.


Start collecting

Upcoming webinars


Secure logons with two-factor authentication


Nov 19, 2019

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Tackle tricky application performance challenges with ease


Nov 20, 2019

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Mitigating cyberthreats in 2020: A unified approach to endpoint security


Nov 21, 2019

Register »

How to implement continuous service improvement in your help desk


Dec 12, 2019

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Top blog posts


A catastrophic flaw in Linux sudo command with a simple fix using Desktop Central


Yet another Exchange Online incident: All about EX191574


Secure newly created user accounts with random passwords


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October Newsletter 2019

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October 2019

ServiceDesk Plus announces rapid-start Enterprise
Service Management


Swiftly create and deploy unique service desk instances for business
teams like HR, facilities, and finance within 60 seconds with the
on-premises version of ServiceDesk Plus.

Up your game

Free e-book: Unified Endpoint Management
(UEM) for Dummies


Discover the importance of UEM, and explore simplified management,
robust security strategies, and precise data management protocols.

UEM made easy

Detect copied files and prevent data leaks
using DataSecurity Plus


Learn how to track, alert, and respond to critical files being copied
across your organization with DataSecurity Plus.

Plug the leaks

White paper: Group Policy change monitoring by
Microsoft MVP Derek Melber


Read about Group Policy auditing with Microsoft as well as solutions
that can help you fill in the gaps left by native auditing tools.

A word from the wise

Free e-book: A guide to implementing analytics in IT


Implementing analytics for IT is no small feat. To make it easier, we’ve
 compiled an e-book that outlines the steps involved in implementing
IT analytics.

Become an expert

VMware resource pool monitoring added by
popular demand


Take control of your VMware environment. Understand resource
allocation and avoid virtualization bottlenecks in minutes.

Plan ahead

Unravel the path to seamless Oracle Cloud


Gain complete visibility into your Oracle Cloud infrastructure, and track
key metrics such as block volumes, boot volumes, and network traffic.

Oversee Oracle

How cybersecure are you?


Hackers and viruses are finding new ways to enter your cyberspace.
Take the cybersecurity quiz to see where you stand, and learn best
practices to keep you and your organization safe from attackers.

Quiz me
Improve Active Directory security with advanced password policy controls and MFA Oct. 16, 2019 Register »
Virtual seminar – Active Directory & IT Security Oct. 16, 2019 Register »
How to implement continuous service improvement in your help desk Oct. 17, 2019 Register »
Incident detection and response with SIEM Oct. 22, 2019 Register »
Shortcuts to enhance AD security and ace compliance audits Oct. 23,2019 Register »
Unmonitored permissions and unchecked privileged access – an invitation for a security breach Oct. 29, 2019 Register »
Don’t let security misconceptions put your business at risk Nov. 7, 2019 Register »
This month’s top blog posts
The Joker’s in town. Time to secure your Android devices
Five worthy reads: Infrastructure as Code, the single source of truth
NTLM vulnerabilities that make you susceptible to relay attacks
ManageEngine’s first User Conference in Canada delivers plenty
of product training and fun
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September Newsletter 2019

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September, 2019

Millions of mobile devices fall prey to mobile
attacks every day. How safe is your enterprise?


Leverage Mobile Device Manager Plus to proactively identify,
diagnose, and mitigate mobile threats.

Secure your devices

ManageEngine’s IT Security podcast series is here!


We are delighted to announce the launch of our weekly IT Security
podcast series; now you can listen to your favorite IT security
experts on the go!

Subscribe now

Defend against insider threats with machine
learning algorithms


Learn about the fundamentals of user and entity behavior analytics,
and discover how you can prevent sophisticated attacks.

Download white paper

[E-book] How to protect your C-suite
from whale phishing attacks


Learn the latest techniques scammers are using to attack
 C-suite mailboxes, and how to thwart them.

Prevent attacks

EMA research: The must-haves in an enterprise
 network performance management
(NPM) solution


EMA, a leading IT research firm, has released a new white paper
 covering the issues in data management and how
 OpManager helps solve those issues.

Download white paper

Effortlessly monitor your Nutanix infrastructure


Gain visibility into your hyper-converged environment, track key metrics,
and identify and resolve issues easily with support for Nutanix.

Learn more

Introducing advanced analytics for
Password Manager Pro


Analyze password security, usage patterns, and operation volumes
to gain actionable insights and fortify your privileged accounts.

Secure your accounts

Introducing Device Control Plus, the solution
 that drives data protection


Bid goodbye to data leaks via removable devices. Device Control
Plus can instantly control, block, and monitor all device
and file accesses.

Gain control

Improve the digital experience of end users
across all platforms


Ensure your application is not just available, but also fast enough
 to engage users and deliver a smooth end-user experience; you
can also monitor the experience on web and mobile platforms.

Enhance the end-user experience

Six surefire ways to protect your network from
impending privilege abuse attacks


Worried that a privilege abuse attack might be brewing? Fend
off instances of privilege abuse by implementing these
airtight measures.

Safeguard your network
Mitigating insider threats with User Behavior Analytics Sept 17, 2019 Register »
Secure, on-the-go Active Directory password self-service Sept 18, 2019 Register »
How to leverage analytics to secure your privileged accounts Sept 19, 2019 Register »
CCPA 101 for IT administrators Sept 19, 2019 Register »
Prevent identity and privilege mishaps with an effective change management strategy Sept 25, 2019 Register »
How to balance usability and security in enterprise password management Sept 27, 2019 Register »
This month’s top blog posts
AssetExplorer gains an edge over other ITAM software
User and entity behavior analytics: The intelligent guardian
of your business
Seven ways to secure macOS deployments in your enterprise
ServiceDesk Plus named in Capterra’s 20 most popular IT
asset management solutions list
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August Newsletter 2019

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August, 2019

Introducing Zia, the AI-powered analytics
assistant for ITSM


You don’t have to be an analytics expert to gain insights from
your data. Just ask or type a question, and Zia will instantly
respond with rich visualizations.

Analytics meets AI

Maximize application performance in the
AWS cloud


Centralize metrics and log data from over 30 AWS resources and application
components for faster troubleshooting and analysis.

Get insights

E-book: Your hybrid identity management mistakes
are crippling your organization


Learn how to overcome your hybrid identity management challenges,
 protect your organization from productivity losses,
and prevent massive data breaches.

Read the e-book

Free guide: SQL Server auditing made easy


Check out our comprehensive guide on how to easily
and efficiently audit SQL servers.

Audit SQL servers

New in OpManager—monitor HPE Nimble, Pure
Storage, and Dell Compellent storages


Check for availability, track utilization, and gain a deeper understanding
of storage environments using OpManager.

Learn more

A change management toolkit to avoid
identity and privilege mishaps


ADManager Plus—the secret sauce to spot and stop unauthorized
changes to privileged accounts and critical resources.

Amp up IT security

E-book: Does your password management
need an upgrade?


Forrester Research estimates that each password reset call costs $70.
Are you willing to spend thousands at the cost of your users’ forgetfulness?

Reduce your costs

Three days of hands-on training and immense fun
at our first-ever User Conference in Canada


Here’s your last chance to claim the tickets at half off.

Register now
 Active Directory and IT security webinar series August 20, 2019 Register »
Everything you need to know for efficient AD adminstration August 27, 2019 Register »
Ensure your application monitoring game is on point! August 28, 2019 Register »
Keeping up with compliance regulations: The GDPR, CCPA, and beyond August 28, 2019 Register »
An expert’s checklist to troubleshoot account lockout August 29, 2019 Register »
Manage your network device configurations efficiently and automate network tasks September 3, 2019 Register »
This month’s top blog posts
What is Windows 10 migration, and how do you implement
Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration?
Agent Smith materializes from the matrix of Android malware
Exciting news about ServiceDesk Plus’ IT asset management module
Five worthy reads: Educating the education sector on cybersecurity
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