August Newsletter – 2018

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August, 2018

London UserConf ’18: Learn from the people behind the tools you love


Don’t miss live demos, one-on-one sessions with experts, product certification, and more.

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Think your network is secure? 
Think again


Spot anomalies, contain threats, protect confidential information, and defend against attacks, all with SIEM. Read our complete guide to SIEM to get secure.

Sink or SIEM

Most breaches are caused by passwords.
What’s your plan?


 Read our e-book to learn how to mitigate password risks and secure your Windows enterprise by enabling two-factor authentication.

A plan of action

Do you want to find vulnerable devices
in your network?


 Quickly search your network for vulnerable devices and upgrade to the latest firmware using Network Configuration Manager’s hardware inventory list.

 Search and secure

ServiceDesk Plus adds more GDPR features
and a new integration


Privileged access management, GDPR-specific features, scripts for business rules—all this and more, right in the latest version of
your service desk.

Movin’ on up

What’s new with Applications Manager 
and Azure


Applications Manager now provides out-of-the-box support for popular relational database-as-a-service Azure SQL Database.

Azure for sure

Free solution guide on tightening your
endpoint security


Learn how ManageEngine’s endpoint management solutions can safeguard your systems against vulnerabilities.

Amazing EMS

An easier way to report on your Skype for Business servers


Bid adieu to the Lync Server Control Panel and use Exchange Reporter Plus’ granular Skype for Business reports instead.

Simplify Skype

Is your PAM strategy complete?


Learn why SSH keys and SSL certificates are as critical as passwords when it comes to managing privileged access.

 A plan for PAM

OpManager introduces a seamless
integration with AlarmsOne


Leverage AlarmsOne’s alert management capabilities to effectively manage OpManager alerts with ease.

Alarmingly good

Automate user management in
Active Directory using HR data


ADManager Plus integrates with HR databases to facilitate
hands-free creation, modification, and deletion of user accounts in AD, Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and G Suite.

HR meets AD

Get unmatched visibility into how your 
web applications behave


Deep insights into application performance—from URLs to SQL queries—at your fingertips. Assist your DevOps team in resolving performance issues, no matter where they originate.

A tool for developers

Millions of mobile devices affected by new Bluetooth vulnerability


Learn how Mobile Device Manager Plus can help protect your organization’s mobile devices against CVE-2018-5383.

 Avoid the Bluetooth blues

The power of password self-service Aug 22, 2018 Register »
Auditing 101: Stay compliant and secure your enterprise with SIEM Aug 23, 2018 Register »
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July Newsletter – 2018

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july, 2018

Your cloud help desk, now in your mailbox


ServiceDesk Plus introduces its industry-first add-in for Microsoft Outlook, bringing your service desk straight to end users’ and technicians’ Outlook and Office 365 mailboxes.

You’ve got mail

Privileged account management: The top security project for 2018


Gartner named privileged account management the top security project CISOs should focus on in 2018. Start securing and managing your privileged accounts today.

The perfect PAM plan

Stay on top of Active Directory from
anywhere, anytime


Manage and report on AD, Office 365, Exchange, and G Suite around the clock, even
when you’re on the move.

AD, all day

It’s your day, celebrate your way


You’ve been hard at work all year long. Have some fun and win a few prizes this
SysAdmin Day.

Here’s to you

Wondering how to identify email-bound security threats?


Find out how Exchange Reporter Plus helps you audit your Exchange environment.

Mail without malware

How to prove you’re compliant
with the GDPR


Find out how Log360’s predefined GDPR audit report template and capabilities can help
you achieve and prove GDPR compliance.

Prove yourself

Why every enterprise needs a DPO


Desktop Central’s DPO dashboard is designed to show you every detail of your enterprise’s data flow so you can identify network security levels and come up with preventive measures to avoid unexpected data leaks.

A dash of DPO

ManageEngine User Conference and 
training in London


Two days of unlimited learning, training, and fun with industry peers—all at no cost to you.

London’s calling

ManageEngine User Conference and 
training in Chicago


Two days of extensive IT management lessons, hands-on product training, and networking opportunities with industry peers.

Count me in

Site24x7’s exclusive agent for your Docker containers


Install the agent in minutes, then jump right into monitoring Docker containers as well as their underlying hosts.

A very special agent

[E-book] The admin’s guide for comprehensive Office 365 compliance and security


Learn how to generate exhaustive IT compliance reports, promptly detect malware attacks and data loss, and set critical alerts for Office 365 apps.

Secure Office 365 now

Storage management: How to do it the right way July 26, 2018 Register »
Tracking and securing insider threats August 6, 2018 Register »
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Selecting an IAM solution that fits your enterprise
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Your organization is only as secure as its weakest password
Five worthy reads: How secure is your smart voice assistant?
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