January Newsletter - 2009

Manage Engine Newsletter - January 2009
Hits in Year 2009! [or] Year 2009 Hits

The year 2009 is almost dubbed as the year of 'prudent living' and predictably so. The last quarter of 2008 saw the global market warm-up to the huge changes in 'business-lifestyle' that 2009 is most certainly bringing in. The message is bold and clear - Cut costs first.

Inexpensive Alternatives
The single biggest factor that will be common across the floor is the slow and steady cost-cutting initiatives embraced by every business, be it small, medium, or a large enterprise. Cautious investments in new ventures or solutions, outsourcing IT services, automating IT processes, etc top the agenda today. With dwindling IT budgets, companies find themselves accounting for every penny spent and wake up to the fact that free or inexpensive alternatives is the key and never before was the need to align IT to business so important. Which naturally leads us to revisit how our IT is functioning and clip whereever possible.ManageEngine, the inexpensive alternative IT Solutions provider, offers focussed, comprehensive, easily deployable point products for specific IT needs and at a very affordable price. This edition, brings you a quick round-up on the various free and inexpensive IT solutions offered by ManageEngine.
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What do you want to Manage?


Free Edition

Datacenter and Server Mgmt Suite

ADManager Plus

Manage upto 100 Objects in a Domain

Applications Manager

Create and manage upto 5 Monitors


Manage upto 10 Critical Devices

PasswordManager Pro

One Administrator and manage 10 Resources

Network Performance Mgmt (NPM)
Device ExpertConfigure 2 Devices in your network
NetFlow AnalyzerMonitor 2 Interfaces
OpManagerManage upto 10 Critical Devices
OpUtils16 Free Tools
VQManagerMonitor upto 10 IP Phones
WiFi ManagerManage upto 3 AccessPoints
Desktop Management Solutions
ADAudit PlusAudit reporting on event data fetched
ADManager PlusManage upto 100 Objects in a Domain
ADSelfService Plus50 Domain Users access to the portal
Desktop CentralFree Download
Free Active Directory ToolsManage upto 10 Desktops
Free Windows ToolsFree Download
Security Manager PlusFree Download
ServiceDesk PlusManage One Technician
SupportCenter PlusManage 25 Accounts
Log Management
EventLog AnalyzerManage upto 5 Critical Hosts
AssetExplorerManage 25 Nodes
FacilitiesDeskOne Supervisor access
SupportCenter PlusManage 25 Accounts
ServiceDesk PlusManage One Technician
Site24x7Sign Up and manage 2 websites

Inexpensive Point-products and Integrated Solutions

Inexpensive Point-productsIntegrated Solutions
Point ProductPrice starts at
Active Directory Monitoring
Applications Monitoring
Compliance / Log Analysis
Customer SupportDesk
Desktop Management
Facilities Management
HelpDesk and Asset Mgmt
Managed Services
Network Config Mgmt
Network Monitoring
Password Management
Traffic Analysis & Network Forensics
VoIP Monitoring


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