December Newsletter - 2012

December 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story ITIL + Comic + Fun - It's also a 2013 Calendar

ITIL + Comic + Fun - It's also a 2013 Calendar

ITIL Comical Calendar for Free

We all use calendars. It could be Desk Calendars, Desktop Calendars, Wall Calendars, Magnetic Stick Calendars or even Mobile Calendars. We buy or set Calendar themes depending on our mood and interests. But how often have you come across a calendar which is based on ITIL? Here's a not-so-serious Desk Calendar based on ITIL, which we hope brings a smile on your face. We can't wait for you to start using the calendar, which is why we'll ship it to you for free.

All you need to do is send us your shipping details, and we'll get the elves working.

Go ahead, Check it out! And send us your feedback.

Now, who says ITIL has to be boring? Know more...

The Single Best SIEM Tool for Your Network
Manage Mobile Devices Effectively with Desktop Central

Product News & Updates

  • Synchronize Windows AD password across multiple platforms with ADSelfService Plus.
    The latest release of ADSelfService Plus (version 4.5 build 4570) introduces multi-platform... more...
  • Applications Manager now integrates with - ManageEngine's cloud offering
    Monitor website performance from both within the corporate LAN and from 40+ locations outside your... more...
  • ADManager Plus' latest release (build 6001) features an enhanced 'Report Scheduler' for more flexibility in configuring report schedules.
    Flexible Schedule Execution Frequency: With the latest options in specifying schedule execution times... more…
ManageEngine Free Tools - Free Forever! No Ads. Download Now!

Analyst Blogs

3 Predictions You Should Ignore for 2013

If you've been on Forbes this week, you've undoubtedly seen the first wave of 2013 predictions popping up. Yes it's that time again, when industry pundits and prognosticators announce their picks for the "next big thing" in the coming new year...

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How companies can implement Internet fair use policy for corporate users?

Internet fair use policy or acceptable use policy defines the appropriate Internet usage behavior expected from employees in their workplace. The policy aims to protect the employees as well as the companies IT infrastructure from malicious ...

+ Read More

Applications Manager and ServiceDesk Plus Works well together.

Meet Us

Jan 28 - Feb 1, 2013
Ciscolive 2013 - London
Feb 25 - Feb 28, 2013
GSMA Mobile World Congress - Spain

Firewall Security Management
Password Reuse Across Sites Can Lead to Identity Thefts
Take Control of Device Configs; Manage Network Assets Better

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November Newsletter - 2012

November 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story New ADManager Plus 6 Automates IAM in Active Directory

New ADManager Plus 6 Automates IAM in Active Directory

ADManager Plus 6 unveiled! The new version is capable of automating crucial Identity and Access management operations in Active Directory environment. Additionally, it offers automation and role-based access management techniques, which seal the gap between business needs and Active Directory technology, equipping even non-technical users with business know-how (such as HR/business managers) to involve directly in processes otherwise inaccessible to them.

Some highlights of this new version:

Automation Policies: Write rules that automatically execute an AD task (such as user provisioning) and also trigger a succession of supplementary operations at scheduled intervals. With this you can even automate the entire account lifecycle management for contractors.

User Modification Templates: A quick way to modify user accounts and also to define role-based access controls.

Rule-based User Modification: Configure autofill conditions; have certain user attributes filled in automatically when a specified condition is satisfied.

Enhanced Workflow & Automatic Task Assigner: The product’s approval workflow engine has been revamped and can now also be configured to automatically assign tasks to users as specified by you.

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Share a review on OpManager & Win an iPAD Mini!
Desktop Central - Mobile Device Management Features

Product News & Updates

  • Automated Billing in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP
    The billing module released in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP enables Managed Services Provider to accurately bill... more...
  • Direct Login to Web Applications from Password Manager Pro
    The latest version of Password Manager Pro (v6.7) can be setup to auto-fill the login page of web... more...
  • ADSelfService Plus adds more capability to 'User Enrollment'!
    The latest release (Version 4.5 build 4560) comes with a nifty new feature that 'forces users to enroll'... more…
  • ADAudit Plus now Audits User Workstations also!
    Bygones will never be Bygones with respect to User Workstation Activities! Now, Administrators can view... more…
  • Exchange Reporter Plus rolls out build 4142 with extended report schedule types!
    The latest build ramps up the report scheduling capability by extending support for weekly and monthly... more...
MSP Help Desk with Automated Billing Features

Analyst Blogs

IT Guarantees: Why Shouldn't You Get Your Money Back?

There tends to be a lot of consternation when buying enterprise software - mainly due to the feeling of permanency once you make the purchase. It's not like buying a sweater at Macy's, which you can always return ...

+ Read More

Change Control Automation & Better Management of Network Assets

In IT infrastructure management, integration of tools/software with one another has always been a crucial requirement. In Network Change and Configuration ...

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Check out what's new in ADManager Plus 6

Overcome Network Degradation Blues with OpManager NCM Plug-in
Video Record Privileged User Sessions with ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro
From URL to SQL and everything in between Get visibility into .Net app performance

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October Newsletter - 2012

October 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story Applications Manager enhances Microsoft Ecosystem support

Gain visibility across the Microsoft .NET stack

Does the IT infrastructure of your business use a lot of Microsoft and Windows applications and components? Then, check out the new Windows Azure monitoring and .NET transaction monitoring features in Applications Manager. This is in addition to the existing support for Hyper-V, Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft MQ, SQL Server and IIS.

The Azure monitoring capabilities enables the IT administrators to ensure their cloud-based applications running on the Windows Azure platform perform optimally. It helps proactively troubleshoot performance issues and optimize capacity planning.

The .NET transaction monitoring helps development teams identify slow spots in transactions by showing breakup of web transaction response times to the granularity of a method level or database call. With Apdex user experience scores for .NET components, IT administrators can communicate application performance achievements to the line of business managers in a business-friendly language.

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Commercial Bank of Dubai, provides reliable and secure services to its 500,000 customers with ManageEngine's IT360
ManageEngine at Oracle Open Automate Log Management with EventLog Analyzer

Product News & Updates

  • ADSelfService Plus eliminates vulnerability issues in its latest release
    The latest release of ADSelfService Plus (Version 4.5 Build 4550) provides enhanced security against... more…
  • Privileged Session Recording in Password Manager Pro
    Privileged sessions launched from Password Manager Pro (v 6.7) can be recorded, archived and played... more…
  • Enhanced agent-based server monitoring in the Cloud with Site24x7
    Get in-depth info about the back-end server performance and front-end user experience of your websites... more…
Very happy with SeriveDesk Plus, Easy to use and User Friendly compared to BMC, CA and IBM

Analyst Blogs

How about deploying a surveillance camera for Windows RDP, Telnet, SSH session actions?

Nowadays, enterprises of all sizes and types rely on surveillance cameras for physical security of their premises. With cyber-crimes looming large, effectively securing ...

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From Dungeon to Corner Office: Evolution of the CIO

Last week, I attended the 2012 Midmarket CIO Forum. It got me thinking about how dramatically IT and the role of the chief information officer (CIO) have evolved.

My first introduction to the world of IT was back in the late eighties. I was fresh out of college and working for a software

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Monitor those few critical servers in your both branch office with Site24x7 cloud offering

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Nov 6 - 8, 2012
CiscoLive - Mexico
Nov 20 - 23, 2012
Euro User Conference - Madrid / Istanbul
Nov 13 - 14, 2012
Mexico User Conference – Mexico City
Nov 27 - 28, 2012
Gartner DC Summit - London

EURO User Conference - Madrid and Istanbul
Firewall Change Management - Gain Insight into Firewall Configuration Changes with Firewall Analyzer
Desktop Central spreads its wings with App lock and global proxy support for iOS6

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September Newsletter - 2012

September 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story New kid on the Block - Mobile Device Management

Desktop Central adds Mobile Device Management (MDM) capability

YES, you heard it right. Desktop Central strengthens its product portfolio to include Mobile Device Management capability, which means you can manage both Desktops and Mobile devices from a single solution.

As more and more enterprises adopt mobility to increase the user productivity, the IT has an additional burden of managing the mobile devices, both corporate and user-owned, in addition to the desktops and laptops. From the IT standpoint, procuring and maintaining multiple point products to manage desktops and mobile devices is a real pain. With MDM capability, Desktop Central addresses this pain and makes it easy for enterprises to manage both desktops and mobile devices from a single solution.

Desktop Central's MDM allows enterprises to manage iOS devices 4.0 and above, including the latest iOS 6.

  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Management: No need to install agents on the managed devices.
  • Configuration Management: Configure devices for Wifi, VPN, Email, LDAP, Webclips and other configurations.
  • Policy Management: Enforce passcode policy and restrict device functions like installing Apps, You Tube, disallowing untrusted certificates, etc.
  • App Management: Manage distribution of both in-house and app Store Apps to managed devices.
  • Security Management: Secure data theft from lost or misplaced devices by remotely locking a device or wiping off all the data from the mobile.

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Simplify your IT communications with IT Pulse
ManageEngine at Oracle Open World

Product News & Updates

  • Gain visibility into the performance of applications on Windows Azure
    Monitor the performance of web, worker and VM roles. Troubleshoot performance issues proactively ... more…
  • Integrating DeviceExpert with Enterprise CMDB
    New REST APIs from DeviceExpert facilitate integration with an enterprise Configuration Management ... more…
  • NetFlow Analyzer 9700 released!
    NetFlow Analyzer 9700 has been released. Leverage the power of NetFlow in an even more power-packed, ... more…
Be a guest blogger & get rewarded.

Analyst Blogs

Stephen Covey’s advice: How does it apply to an IT Administrator?

What amount farsightedness should have the great Dr. Stephen Covey had to write certain things that apply till this date! The first habit in his ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, according to Dr. Covey, is to be proactive. It is of immense significance to an IT Administrator as it would typically be one solution to at least 90% of his problems.

+ Read More

How video traffic helps your Enterprise and why it needs to be monitored

If you belong to an Enterprise that is using video in your network to its full potential, then this post could probably surprise you. If you are an Enterprise wondering what all the fuss and buzz about video traffic is, then this is something you certainly should not miss.

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Eliminate Hard-Coded Passwords in Applications Using Password Manager Pro

Firstsource, a global provider of IT services sees 90% reduction in man-hours after switching to ManageEngine IT360
Log Forensic Analysis using EventLog Analyzer
ServiceDesk Plus Webinar by IT Skeptic

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June Newsletter - 2012

June 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story Unlock the Real Value of your Machine Generated Logs

Unlock the Real Value of your Machine Generated Logs

Your IT infrastructure generates huge amount of logs every day and these machine generated logs contain vital information of all network activities such as user logons/logoffs, policy changes, object deletion and more. This information helps organizations to audit their network for internal threats and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

With organizations generating terabytes of log, analyzing these logs manually is painful and time consuming. That’s where log management solutions like EventLog Analyzer come in. This Log Management tool helps organizations to collect, analyze, report, and archive logs without any hassle. EventLog Analyzer supports a wide variety of IT Security and Regulatory Compliance reports such as SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, ISO 27001/2, etc. Its powerful and intelligent alerting engine helps network administrators to quickly troubleshoot and identify the root cause of IT problems.

Now you can stop sifting through voluminous logs manually and get it all done with EventLog Analyzer.

Download EventLog Analyzer Now!

Strengthen your Data Center Management
Monitor your Server Infrastructure

Product News & Updates

  • Log Forensic Analysis: Construct the Crime Scene with EventLog Analyzer
    Most often companies fail to track down the network intruder who initiated the network breach... more…
  • Download ADManager Plus latest Service Pack to upgrade to Build 5231!
    Upgrade to ADManager Plus’s latest Build (5231) to get all the latest features including... more…
  • Put your time to better use. Troubleshoot application issues from your iPhone
    Often times you are woken up in the middle of the night to deal with annoying outages... more…
  • Advanced Group Policy Objects Change Auditing with ADAudit Plus
    ADAudit Plus betters its best with the latest addition of in-depth GPO change audit reports... more…
  • ADSelfService Plus further fortifies its User Authentication Gates
    By partially masking ‘User Contact Info’ during the course of password/account self-service... more…
  • Launch TELNET/SSH connection to remote devices from DeviceExpert
    The latest release of DeviceExpert (V5.7) provides the option to launch direct TELNET/SSH connection... more…
ServiceDesk Plus MSP 8.0 is now available

Analyst Blogs

Object Access Auditing Simplified – Find the ‘Who, What, Where, When’ of File & Folder Access

Most administrators face the challenge of knowing what actually happened to their files and folders – who accessed them, deleted them, edited them, moved them....

+ Read More

Data Breach at LinkedIn: Time to Seriously Consider Using a Password Manager!

Reports claim that over 6.46 million hashed passwords stolen from LinkedIn have been published on a Russian forum. In a blog post, LinkedIn has confirmed the...

+ Read More

Critical AD & GPO Change Audit with Reports and Email Alerts!

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itSMF National Conference, Australia
October 10 - 12, 2012
Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Goa
June 20, 2012
CIO Strategies Summit 2012, Hyderabad
August 2 - 3, 2012
Cloud Computing Imperative, New Delhi

Automated Backup of Configurations of Switches, Routers & Firewalls
Firewall Change Management
Highlights from Cisco LIVE, June 2012

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May Newsletter - 2012

May 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story Maximize Operational Efficiency with OpManager NCM Plug-in

Maximize Operational Efficiency with OpManager NCM Plug-in

Enterprises make huge investments on procuring network infrastructure and employ highly skilled professionals to administer the network infrastructure. Surprisingly, a large number of enterprises still rely on manual processes to manage the configurations of network devices. With business requirements demanding frequent config changes to live equipment, manual, unplanned changes are fraught with the risk of errors resulting in network outage and even a devastating trail on network security.

An automated approach to network device configuration management not only helps avoid human errors, but also dramatically improves operational efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to update multiple devices from multiple vendors at one go. Integrating with OpManager - the end-to-end Network Monitoring solution, NCM Plug-in delivers true visibility into enterprise-wide network configuration status. Along with network performance, you can view and control the entire life-cycle of device configurations in fully automated fashion.

Try OpManager NCM Plug-in now

ManageEngine - Flash Mob
Mitigate Data Breaches

Product News & Updates

  • ServiceDesk Plus version 8.1 has been released; & it includes CMDB & enhanced Service Catalog
    Get more visibility into your IT closet with CMDB and manage multiple approvals in Service Catalog... more…
  • ManageEngine Joins the Cisco Developer Network as a Registered Developer
    ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer has always been in sync with Cisco. We are glad to announce... more…
  • Site24x7 Web Infrastructure Monitoring Goes Mobile with Android App
    Site24x7 Android app allows you to track website & server status real-time from your Android... more…
  • Desktop Central Automates Management of Newly Added Computers
    Desktop Central now includes the intelligence to automatically start managing all new computers... more…
  • IT360 Integrated IT Management Now Available for the iPad
    With the latest version of IT360, 9050, ManageEngine tries to free IT executives from desktop-bondage.... more…
  • Download ADManager Plus 5.2’s latest release for enhanced reporting on ‘Active Directory Groups’
    Get the complete information on members of Active Directory groups and their nested groups... more…
ADManager Plus Tools

Analyst Blogs

Even UK Ministry of Defence Not Immune to Cyber-Attack!

Even some of the world’s mightiest organizations are not immune to cyber-attacks. Just a few days ago, British Military’s head of cyber security Major General Jonathan Shaw admitted that UK Ministry of Defence’s....

+ Read More

Configuration Changes, Human errors and Network Availability

No need to explain – the effect will be catastrophic as everything gets affected. Your employees will not be able to do their work; customers will not be able...

+ Read More

ServiceDesk Plus 8.1 Overview Video

Meet Us

June 19 - 22 , 2012
CommunicAsia2012, Singapore
June 29, 2012
CIO Strategies Summit 2012, Bangalore
June 20, 2012
CIO Strategies Summit 2012, Hyderabad
August 2 - 3, 2012
Cloud Computing Imperative, New Delhi

IT pulse - Industry First Social Networking Web Service for IT
Analyze Internet User Activity in your Enterprise
Your Privileged Passwords still on text files & spread sheets?

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April Newsletter - 2012

April 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story Stuck with Old-Fashioned Help Desk? Here's your way out!

Stuck with Old-Fashioned Help Desk? Here's your way out!

ServiceDesk Plus has strengthened its ITIL capabilities with an all-new CMDB to improve overall service availability and mean time to resolution. ManageEngine designed the CMDB in ServiceDesk Plus to address core usability challenges facing typical CMDBs.

It includes enhanced Service Catalog, with a new multi-level approval feature for service requests. Now, ServiceDesk Plus makes it easier for end users to view the SLAs’ “agreed upon time,” which is displayed before creating the service request.

We have added new capabilities for the self-service portal. With easier trouble ticket creation, the self-service portal reduces the load for IT administrators. The upgraded user interface and the real-time streaming of ticket status and history let end users help themselves.

Know More!

Firewall Change Management
Priviliged User Monitoring & Audit

Product News & Updates

  • Cisco & ManageEngine - Joint Webinar
    The joint webinar from Cisco and ManageEngine on 'QoS Design and Validation for Enterprises' was... more…
  • Firewall Analyzer Announced as Finalist in the Security Category of Best of Interop 2012
    InformationWeek Reports and Interop Las Vegas Recognize ManageEngine for Leading Innovation in... more…
  • Desktop Central enhances Audit Controls to strengthen Compliance
    Desktop Central extends audit capabilities to the Remote Control tool to support Video recording the entire.... more…
  • EventLog Analyzer Receives 4th Consecutive Readers’ Choice Award
    EventLog Analyzer, has been selected as the second runner-up in the Event Log Monitoring category... more…
  • Secure offline access in Password Manager Pro
    The latest version of Password Manager Pro (v 6.5) offers support for secure, offline access.... more…
  • Track configuration changes real-time using DeviceExpert
    Unauthorized changes to the configurations of network devices could cause security issues... more…
  • Use Apdex scores to measure Web Application Performance with Applications Manager
    The upgraded Java web transaction monitoring capability helps your development team... more…
SelfService Password Management Solution

Analyst Blogs

Integrated Physical & Virtual Servers Management

A recent study on what business enterprises expect from a performance management system, has shown that of IT professionals are looking for a solution that offers integrated performance management of both, the physical and the virtual IT infrastructure....

+ Read More

Track Your Website’s SSL Certificate Expiry Date

In an era where online shopping is drastically growing and consumers are transacting sensitive information across the internet round the clock, you, as an organization, can never take a chance with website security...

+ Read More

ManageEngine User Conference and Training - Australia

Meet Us

May 8 - 10, 2012
Interop, Las Vegas [Booth 2027]
April 24 - 27, 2012
HDI Conference, Orlando [Booth 702]
April 24 - 25, 2012
SDIT Show, London, UK [Booth 938]
April 25 - 26, 2012
MEFTEC, Dubai, UAE [Booth X6]

Track Application Performance from your Mobile Phones
Automate Device Config Changes
OpManager Beta Program

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March Newsletter - 2012

March 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story Precise IT Audit Trail for Forensics, Security & Compliance!

With ADAudit Plus, Achieve the 'Windows Server Auditing' Target!

Windows Server Administrators face umpteen unforeseen challenges like unauthorized user logons, server logon trespass, tracking user logoffs, adverse reactions to critical Groups, OU, GPO modifications so on. The one Solution to multiple problems, is in the form of a single, central console - ADAudit Plus; Track, audit and report on the 4 business-critical Servers- Windows Active Directory, File Server, NetApp Filer & Member Server.

ADAudit Plus presents the behemoth audited data in a segmented and as simple, detailed reports totaling to 150+ and instant email alerts on critical events. The results can be exported to various formats to assist in interpretation, compliance and computer forensics!

The latest addition in the ADAudit Plus bandwagon is NetApp Filer auditing. Track the successful / unsuccessful file changes with dedicated 35+ pre-configured reports & e-mail alerts. Also, ADAudit Plus extends Support for Non-English DCs, File Servers and Member Servers.

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Real Solutions to Real Active Directory Challenges
Monitor Bandwidth Utilization

Product News & Updates

  • ManageEngine co-sponsors Protected Health Information (PHI) project
    ManageEngine has co-sponsored the "Protected Health Information" (PHI) project, an initiative by the... more…
  • Monitor Privileged Users using EventLog Analyzer
    Privileged user monitoring poses a significant challenge for enterprises. The privileged users... more…
  • Renew SSL certificates on time using Applications Manager
    Use Applications Manager to monitor your SSL certificates and get notified... more…
  • DeviceExpert enhances hardware inventory report
    DeviceExpert displays the hardware properties of the managed devices in the form of an informative... more…
  • Password Manager Pro introduces first-in-class remote login mechanisms
    The latest release of Password Manager Pro (version 6.5) comes with HTML5-powered, first-in-class... more…
  • Firewall Device Configuration Change Management
    To enforce the IT policy and fine tune the Firewall device performance, you need to keep changing... more…
Stay 100 Percent Compliant

Analyst Blogs

The FBI is on your back - beware!

Look who is chasing malware now. It’s the FBI of the United States. After busting all the bad guys in the world (sometimes even inside countries considered friendly to them) they are now on to a new hunt - the deadliest DNSChanger Trojan malware....

+ Read More

Privileged User Monitoring and Audit (PUMA)

Privileged Users, like Network Administrators, System Administrators, and Database Administrators all have unrestricted access to all the critical servers, applications, and databases in an enterprise. They have the powers to create or remove user profiles and manage user privileges....

+ Read More

Meet Us

April 3 - 4, 2012
ManageEngine User Conference, Australia
April 24 - 27, 2012
HDI Conference, Orlando
April 24 - 25, 2012
SDIT Show, London, UK
April 25 - 26, 2012

Secure Remote Access
Ensure a Secure Datacenter
Automate Firmware Update of your Switches, Routers & Firewalls

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February Newsletter - 2012

February 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story With iPad support for IT360, you can now manage IT on-the-go!

With iPad support for IT360, you can now manage IT on-the-go!

Visibility into Real-time IT is incomplete if you are not connected to IT all the time. So we thought why do you have to sit at office to be connected?

With businesses today moving at new speeds, IT is playing the catch-up game and hence one of the results is consumer-driven IT. We at ManageEngine introduce you to the newest way to manage IT with IT360 on an Apple iPad. Today the concept of Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD as it is popularly known, is widespread and increasing quickly. We thought- why should a ManageEngine customer lag behind?

Introducing a whole new interface and design with the IT360 Apple iPad that is specifically designed keeping the iPad user behavioral in mind. This allows you to manage IT operations and service management from a single console not only from desktop or laptop but also from an iPad!

Know More

IT Workflow Automation
Password Manager Pro - Case Study

Product News & Updates

  • XenServer Performance Monitoring and Remote monitoring
    ManageEngine XenServer Health Monitor Tool provides an exclusive monitoring solution for Citrix.... more…
  • ManageEngine Desktop Central - Looking Back at 2011
    A rewind on the enhancements and events of 2011 for ManageEngine Desktop Central. Watch Video
  • Instantly troubleshoot video traffic with Netflow Analyzer
    The OnDemand Mediatrace reports in NetFlow Analyzer help in improving the path of video flows at a highly... more…
  • EventLog Analyzer 7.2 now monitors Print Server and Apache Web Server logs too!
    Do you want to monitor and audit your employee’s printing activities? Do you want to know if any... more…
  • Applications Manager version 10.3 released; includes support for VMware vFabric RabbitMQ
    Monitor performance of RabbitMQ servers in real time and ensure optimal performance of your enterprise... more…
  • Password Manager Pro Passes Penetration Test by Seibert Media
    Password Manager Pro was subjected to the rigorous penetration test process by Seibert Media, a leading... more…
  • High Availability Architecture in DeviceExpert for Uninterrupted Access to Configs
    The latest version of DeviceExpert supports high availability architecture through redundant server... more…
  • Site24x7 Root Cause Analysis; Troubleshoot Internet facing applications and network services
    Root Cause Analysis lets you identify the actual reason behind your web app downtime, based on DNS... more…
  • ADManager Plus’s ‘Computer Object Management’ gets more teeth with exciting new features!
    With ADManager Plus’s latest features like Single Computer Creation, Template Based Computer Creation... more…
  • Mailbox Traffic Audit Reports in Exchange Reporter Plus enhanced to audit in/out External Domain Traffic
    Exchange Reporter Plus announced its latest release “Exchange Reporter Plus 4.1 Build 4130” this week... more…
  • ADSelfService Plus gets “Instant DC Updater”!
    In the latest version of ADSelfService Plus (Version 4.5 Build 4540), any self-service action by a user ... more…
Switch from NUMARA Now

Analyst Blogs

Better QoS policies: Better Cost savings

Cost-effectiveness is the common term that we are hearing or seeing nowadays and this exists in all forms on the globe, In this tough economic situation the motive of Network Administrator should be optimizing the current infrastructure for future accommodation...

+ Read More

What to monitor on IBM BladeCenter H Series?

Blade Servers are now an integral part of infrastructure in a datacenter. The demand for space and power are ever on the increase and the choice to switch to an alternative technology that ropes in all these benefits is but natural...

+ Read More

ManageEngine User Conferenece in Australia at Melbourne & Sydney

Overome Network Degradation Blues
Insecure about Security?
ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

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January Newsletter - 2012

January 2012
Monthly Newsletter

Top Story Monitor Servers & End User Experience - From the Cloud

Monitor Servers & End User Experience - From the Cloud

Ensure optimum performance and availability of your servers and desktops across branch offices and data centers from the cloud. The Site24x7 Service now brings you server monitoring on the hosted platform.

Using Site24x7, you can monitor back-end server performance and front-end user experience of your websites and internet facing services. The server monitoring is an agent based solution that helps monitor the availability and performance of your internal servers. Using server monitoring, you can keep tab on critical metrics such as CPU, memory and disk utilization for Windows machines.

With no hardware or software to maintain or upgrade, Site24x7’s server monitoring service is a perfect New Year gift for your business.

Sign up Now!

Try Password Manager Pro
Rule out the Network Factor

Product News & Updates

  • Dual Encryption in Password Manager Pro
    For additional security, Password Manager Pro (PMP) now encrypts sensitive data.... more…
  • Ensure security settings in device configs using DeviceExpert
    Flaws is security settings of device configurations often serve as an open invitation to intruders... more…
  • Desktop Central adds MS SQL Support in Release 8
    Desktop Central 8, released recently, will extend support to customers to use MS SQL database... more…
  • Mailbox Permission Analysis in Exchange Reporter Plus is now compatible with 64 bit EMC as well!
    ‘Mailbox Permission Analysis’ capabilities in ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus 4.1 Build 4120... more…
  • ADAudit Plus 4.1 now Supports Non-English DCs, File Servers and Member Servers
    Worldwide enterprise audit is now possible with support for Non-English Active Directory Domain... more…
  • NetFlow Analyzer on Social Media – Join us now!
    ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is taking a major step in reaching out to customers... more…
  • Azure Performance Monitoring and Remote monitoring at 0 cost
    The ManageEngine Azure Performance Monitor serves as a smart desktop tool... more…
  • Webinar: ManageEngine IT360 and MSP customer Appalachia Technologies discuss on Real-time IT
    With the IT environment growing more and more complex, IT managers need new tools and approaches... more…
  • EventLog Analyzer supports fail-safe back-end database MS SQL Cluster
    With extended support to MS SQL Cluster as back-end database, EventLog Analyzer eliminates... more…
  • Firewall Analyzer forays into Virtual space
    The recently released version 7.2 of Firewall Analyzer supports Virtual Firewalls... more…
  • Applications Manager releases version 10.2; adds support for Oracle JRockit and IBM JVM
    JRockit and IBM JVMs are popular among users of IBM and Oracle software... more…
ManageEngine Lookback

Analyst Blogs

Another Look At Gartner's 5 Dimensions of APM

What are the important issues and goals to consider when evaluating a suite of APM solutions -- from one or more vendors -- to ensure that your APM solution will help IT operate at the new speed of business? Consider Gartner's 5 dimensions of APM...

+ Read More

Password Manager Pro is worth every penny, say our customers!

There can't be a better finish to an eventful year. As 2011 is drawing to a close, we are hearing feedback from scores of highly satisfied customers. And, many of them have reiterated one important fact: Password Manager Pro is worth every penny....

+ Read More

Meet Us

January 30 - February 3, 2012
Cisco Live, London, United Kingdom
February 27 - March 1, 2012
Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain
March 7 - 8, 2012
ManageEngine Middle East User Conference
March 20-23, 2012
Cisco Live, Melbourne, Australia

Webinar - Help Desk
First Steps to Real-time IT
Tips and Tricks-Watch Video

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