March Newsletter – 2009

ManageEngine Newsletter - March 2009
Cut down your energy bills with Green Computing!

Green computing provides the methods to effectively use your computers and dramatically cut down your energy bills - a much needed approach to bring down your operational expenses in these troubled times. Power management schemes offer automated turn off mechanisms for your desktops which reduce your energy bills by more than 76%. On the other hand Server Virtualization technology reduces your physical server boxes without compromising on the load and performance. Virtualization brings down your energy bills by 65% and space consumed besides providing zero impact maintenance, better disaster recovery capabilities, rapid deployment, etc.

ManageEngine provides tools that help you adopt power management and virtualization techniques quickly. ManageEngine Desktop Central helps you analyze your power consumption trends and apply power management schemes that include automatic monitor turn off, hard disk turn off, switching to standby mode across your desktops and laptops at one shot. ManageEngine MSP Center Plus also provides these schemes but undauntedly meets the requirements of the managed services market. ManageEngine OpManager helps you monitor your virtual servers and provides out-of-the-box templates for effectively monitoring and managing ESX servers. Moreover, ManageEngine is a technology alliance partner of VMware. So what are you waiting for? Go Green with ManageEngine today and enjoy huge savings on your energy bills.

Implement Power Management across your IT with Desktop Central Free Edition
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VMware Monitoring Video Demo
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ManageEngine takes IT Management to the cloud with On-Demand services

We are now pleased to let you know that ManageEngine applications are also being made available "on-demand", in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Our first service, as a part of ManageEngine On-Demand, is the network & server monitoring service - OpManager On-Demand. This is currently in beta and will be free for use during this period. GA will be by end of Q2, wherein we will accept paid subscriptions on a monthly pay-as-you-go model. We will be rolling out other on-demand services as well before end of 2009.

Winner of February 2009 Cartoon contest

Feb 09 cartoon contest winner
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Winner: Jeffery Renton,
Ameriforge Group

ManageEngine On-Demand is suitable for both businesses and MSPs. Visit to sign-up and give it a run!

Manage website login credentials with Password Manager Pro

Remembering the credentials to login into a web account becomes a strain especially, when you have a large number of web accounts. Password Manager Pro helps you login to the sites without manually entering your login details. Simply store the URL & the login credentials once and launch direct connection to the required website from Password Manager Pro. More

Analyze individual config blocks with DeviceExpert for compliance

DeviceExpert's latest release ver. 5300 provides selective compliance check feature which helps to check the required configuration blocks for compliance to the defined criteria. Compliance results for every single block can be reported individually in addition to a unified compliance report for the entire configuration. More

OpStor 6.0 released

OpStor 6.0 release provides quicker discovery of storage devices and includes support for new switches like LightSand & Storage Arrays such as TagmaStore NSC 55, unistar Teravault, Bosch, IBM N-series, etc.

OpManager enters the finals of SIIA CODiE Award

OpManager has been selected as one of finalists for the 2009 SIIA CODiE Award for the Best Systems Management Solution. The CODiE Awards serve as a prestigious representation of outstanding achievement & vision and are reviewed by peers within the industry.

OpUtils adds AD Integration & Tree View in IP Address Management tool

OpUtils now integrates with Windows Active Directory to check whether the IP pertains to a computer object & provides other details like Created Time, GUID, Last Logon, OS Name & Ver., etc., for the objects in the AD. OpUtils also enables you to create an hierarchical representation of your network by location or department and add subnets under them. This makes it easy for you to locate, add/delete subnets, etc.

New Trend Analysis & Usage Pattern Reports in Applications Manager

Application manager provides intuitive reports which include Heat Charts, Standard Deviation graphs, reports by hours & days for effective resource utilization trend analysis and better capacity planning.

Site24x7 enhances website monitoring for German & Chinese users

Site24x7, the hosted website monitoring service,  is now available in Chinese, Spanish, German and French versions apart from English. It also has monitoring locations in Germany, China, UK & Netherlands to go with 10 other locations across the globe.

DesktopCentral extends its features list

DesktopCentral extends its features list by including support for 64-bit OS, power management reports to claim utility rebates from power suppliers and custom reports on hardware & software assets.

ManageEngine user forums to be powered by ZOHO

Hey, all you forum users...get ready for an uber cool forum experience. We are moving our to zoho discussions (a forum platform from ZOHO) and all your existing logins will be automatically mapped to a new zohologin. With this new zoho login you get other FREE ZOHO services such as writer, sheet, show, creator, etc. too. If you face problems in working with the new forum please email saravananm at adventnet dot com.

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