June Newsletter - 2009

ManageEngine Newsletter - June 2009
Get the maximum out of Active Directory
For many, the very word “directory service” conjures up the word “Active Directory”; such is its dominance in the field of resource and infrastructure management. With centralized resource management as its heart, it attempts to ease resource administration. However, there are some loose ends in it, which render its administrative capabilities insufficient. Consider the following tasks:
  • Creating/modifying/deleting an endless list of user, computer or contact objects
  • Handling high volumes of repetitive requests such as “password reset” (A helpdesk agent, on an average, spends 40% of his/her time on such requests!)
  • Auditing changes in Active Directory and reporting them in accordance with regulatory acts such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, etc.
Imagine the effort required to perform these basic but, ubiquitous and frequent tasks! Quite laborious indeed! This shortfall is very well addressed by the following Active Directory Solutions from ManageEngine, which complement Active Directory by tapping into its unexploited potential:
"Actions speak more than words", so try your hands on these products now, and see for yourself how you can get the maximum out of your Active Directory!
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OpManager provides faster backup and restore utilities

OpManager releases service pack 8020, which includes utilities to backup and restore MySQL database quickly and an option to Suppress Alarms of the required devices for a pre-defined time interval.


Facilities Desk now offers integration with PDA and LDAP, and lots more

ManageEngine Facilities Desk now offers integration with PDA (Mobile client/Handheld Devices) and LDAP, enhanced Purchase Order module and many more in this release. Check out the complete list of enhancements and bug fixes made over this Service Pack: Release Notes of Service Pack 5700.


Winner of May 2009 Cartoon contest
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Caption: Its because he has admin rights.

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MSP Center Plus enhances Desktop Mgmt & Network Monitoring

ManageEngine MSP Center Plus enhances its Remote Desktop Management and Network Monitoring functionalities by including various features such as Execute Command, Disable Interactive Services, Device Templates, utilities to automate failover configurations etc. Upgrade to the latest build 7101.


Cross Domain Delegation and NTFS Reporting are now possible with ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus, this month announce the release of its build 4400. The highlights of this release are (i) Performing a Centralized multi-domain enterprise management (ii) Extracting Compliance Reports to meet SOX/HIPAA/PCI and other regulations. More


ADAudit Plus releases Service Pack 1.0

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus released its service pack 1.0. The main highlight of this release is Alert notification via E-mail feature. More


Desktop Central now Restrict USB Access and Exclude Selective Patches

ManageEngine Desktop Central's Secure USB feature either restricts or allows full use of USB devices to the users. This helps you to secure your network against data theft.

The Patch Management module allows you to either exclude all patches of an application or any specific patch from being scanned. By doing so you can prevent Desktop Central from displaying the excluded patches as missing patches, thus showing a perfect health of your computers.


Administrative Password Management for Juniper Netscreen Devices

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro (version 6.1) offers support for automated administrative password management for Juniper Netscreen devices. Network administrators can change the passwords of remote Netscreen devices automatically from PMP. Already, PMP supports remote password synchronization for Cisco and HP devices in addition to servers, databases and other IT applications.


DeviceExpert now supports D-Link DGS Devices

ManageEngine DeviceExpert now offers support for D-Link DGS devices. The latest release (build 5320) includes performance enhancements, flexible options for compliance check, improved configuration difference reporting and a host of other features


Site24x7 featured among the "Products shown at Interop"

Site24x7 was featured among the top 20 products shown at the Interopshow last month at Las Vegas. Site24x7 was described as the hosted service that helps IT managers understand the end-user experience of Web sites and Web applications from around the globe.


Pay-as-you-grow with VQManager's new licensing for Service Providers

ManageEngine VQManager 6.2 introduces a new licensing model specific to VoIP Service Providers. The annual subscription model starts at $2990 for monitoring up to 50 concurrent calls. Other features introduced include support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager(CUCM) 6.1 and 7.0 CDRs, convenient multi-day reporting views in the custom reports, a new reports tab etc. More


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