October Newsletter - 2009

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ManageEngine Newsletter - October 2009
Say NO to multi-vendor tools for managingIT

You no longer need to saddle your team with half-a-dozen solutions or flex your neck to see those  reports! Be a smart IT Manager and empower your team with IT360, an integrated solution to manage your networks, servers, and applications.

With the IT Operations needing the utmost attention today, a holistic and integrated approach to effectively manage all the IT resources is the need of the hour. ManageEngine IT360 meets exactly this need and also fits your pocket perfectly. It allows your IT team to monitor your network devices (routers, switches etc), servers and critical business applications (Oracle AS, Oracle EBS, Java transactions etc) from a single console. The intuitive dashboards and the integrated ITIL service desk, helps reduce the complexity of work flows in production and enables an IT administrator to run IT Operations effectively.

ManageEngine IT360 provides in-depth visibility and complete control over your IT. What are you waiting for? Check out the 360o view of your IT with the FREE 60 day trial. Now!

IT360 Product Overview
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Testimonial on ADManager
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Netflow Analyzer Enterprise Edition 7.0 Released

The distributed network traffic monitoring solution has added a plethora of new features this release, which include Validating QoS policies with Cisco CBQoS, setting alerts for only business hours, user based dashboards for operators /guests and more.


DesktopCentral releases Distributed Edition

With the new Distributed Edition, administrators can now manage desktops that are distributed across WAN, yet restrict the bandwidth consumption. The Distribution Servers located at each remote location, synchronizes the patch/software/configuration data with the central server. The computers in the remote locations will now pick up the changes from the Distributed Servers resulting in reduced bandwidth usage, improved efficiency, and control-level that network managers / administrators exercise on the remote machines.


DeviceExpert bags the SC Magazine award yet again

DeviceExpert has bagged top honors in the group test review of seven competing software solutions by SC Magazine for the second consecutive year. SC Magazine is the world's longest running monthly publication focusing on information security. The review verdict asserts: "DeviceExpert is a great tool for auditing and managing network equipment. It has nice task automation tools; really can save IT staff a substantial amount of time".

Here is the complete review report.


Role Based Administration introduced in OpUtils

Exercise more control on user management by creating users with Administrator or Technician Role. Users with Administrator role have complete control to all the tools while the users with Technician role will only have read-only access to the following tools: IP Address Manager, Switch Port Mapper, Network Monitor, Config File Manager and Rouge Detection.


ADSelfService Plus 4.4 Build Released

ADSelfService Plus 4.4 offers 64-bit support for GINA in addition to several sought-after features including:

  • Block Users - to prevent security answers from being guessed on repetitive failure attempts
  • Restrict Inactive Users - to free license space consumed by stale users for the benefit of other active users
  • Email Notifications - to apprise users of password reset. More..


OpManager EE rechristened OpManager DE

OpManager Enterprise Edition is now renamed as OpManager Distributed Edition to highlight its distributed Central-Probe Architecture. OpManager DE has rolled-out Service Pack 7500. Check out the new features and bugs fixed.


Site24x7 supports integration with Internal Portals

Use Site24x7 to securely integrate website uptime & performance data into third-party applications/intranet portals. This integration allows you to keep track of your website performance from outside your data centers, making your Help Desk technicians more productive as they can now view website availability from the same console. This also means existing ManageEngine Applications Manager customers can integrate Site24x7 with their internal deployments.


Create Dashboards and View QoS from outside your datacenter - Demo

Applications Manager has added the flexibility to visualize performance metrics data according to the user's need. For eg., if the  IT Manager wants to view the status of all the web applications, by using custom dashboards feature he/she can create new custom views instead of getting the required data from multiple views. More such examples of how to use custom dashboard feature can be seen in this demo.


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