June Newsletter- 2010

ManageEngine Newsletter - June 2010
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What's News :
Top Story: ManageEngine ADSolutions extends its Windows Server Mgmt. Portfolio. Introducing Exchange Reporter Plus
Other News:
Automate patch deployment of Non-Microsoft applications with Desktop Central
DeviceExpert now supports MSSQL backend
Keep your log data secured with EventLog Analyzer
OpUtils' users can be Authenticated via Active Directory

ManageEngine ADSolutions extends its Windows Server Management Portfolio. Introducing Exchange Reporter Plus
ManageEngine AD Solutions
It's a cliché that the trio of ManageEngine's Active Directory solutions continues to enthrall IT Managers with its versatile functionality, comprehensive reports, ease of use, and above all, affordability!

Now, ADSolutions venture into a domain closely related to Active Directory - Exchange Server Reporting and Analysis. To combat the everyday challenges in generating reports for Microsoft Exchange Server, ManageEngine introduces Exchange Reporter Plus!

Exchange Reporter Plus presents an administrator precise and granular analytical data, which is essential to optimize an Exchange messaging system. Besides its ability to offer a clear insight into critical elements such as mailbox size/traffic, server usage and public folders, Exchange Reporter Plus is also a great security asset that helps thwart email-related threats.

The array of Active Directory solutions that ManageEngine offers is quite well-known:
With ADManager Plus offering mailbox provisioning already, Exchange Reporter Plus now completes the Exchange Management totem pole, while expanding the range of Windows Management services offered by ADSolutions.
Tech Picks
Forwarding traps and other alarms from OpManager
OpManager supports forwarding alarms as traps from one destination to another destination and redirecting the incoming traps to another application. That involves a couple of configuration changes in two files to forward...
NBAR Report via Flexible NetFLow - Configuration and Reporting
Flexible NetFlow (FNF) requires the creation of a flow exporter, flow record and flow monitor. The flow exporter defines the export aspects of the flow data like export destination, UDP port for NetFlow export, export interface and so on. The flow record defines the key...
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Automate patch deployment of Non-Microsoft applications with Desktop Central
Desktop Central's Patch Management has been enhanced to include support for updating Java Runtime Environment. The supported versions include JRE 1.6 and JRE 1.6 x64. It also extends support for automating patch deployment of Non-Microsoft applications like Adobe, Mozilla Firefox, Java, etc., running on Non-English OSs.

DeviceExpert now supports MSSQL backend
The latest release of DeviceExpert - now supports MSSQL backend, paving the way for enhanced scalability. The release 5500 is loaded with a host of new features and enhancements too. 

Keep your log data secured with EventLog Analyzer
EventLog Analyzer encrypts your archived logs to ensure that they are only machine readable and not human readable. It hashes the archived logs to make it tamper proof and time stamps to enhance the tamper proof further. More...

OpUtils' users can be authenticated via Active Directory
Users logging into OpUtils can now be authenticated via Windows Active Directory. That means they can use their domain username and password to login to OpUtils. In addition to AD Authentication, OpUtils also includes a new Read-only role to make users just view the data, but cannot perform any destructive operations.
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