February Newsletter - 2011

ManageEngine Newsletter - February 2011
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What's News :
Top Story: ManageEngine User Conference 2011
Other News:
Deployment Software from ServiceDesk Plus
ADManager now support Exchange 2010
Provision for Custom Reports in DeviceExpert
Spending more on website monitoring than you need to do?
Automate Resource Provisioning for Applications in Virtual and Cloud Environments

ManageEngine User Conference 2011

We are pleased to announce our first User Conference in the US, to be held in March 2011 in New York and San Francisco.

The conference is all about you - about how you are using our products and the challenges you are facing. We'll also share our story, product road maps, real-world case studies and a few cool things that we've been keeping under wraps, until now! Together, we'll make your ManageEngine experience even better.

We offer a triple scoop package for just $299 that includes:

  • Entry for the ManageEngine User Conference on Day 1 and Day 2 (per person)
  • ManageEngine Training and Certificate worth $1500 (per person)
  • One year Free License for any product of your choice worth $1000 (per person)

Reserve your seat now!

Tech Picks
Voice Traffic analysis using NetFlow Analyzer
A large number of businesses are migrating to VoIP technology because of its low cost resulting in cost reduction of up to 80%. But, the greatest concern for a business using VoIP is ensuring uptime and quality. Jitter, latency and packet loss...
98% of the customer repose trust in Password Manager Pro
After purchasing a product – be it a domestic commodity or a software, quite often, we might end up feeling that the product is just not the right fit for us. Even if the product satisfies the requirements, maintaining it might become a nightmare....
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Quick Videos :
videoOpManager Smart Phone GUI
videoNeed for Password Management
videoManage bandwidth using Firewall Analyzer
Featured Whitepapers :
whitepeperWhen Reality Hits ITIL Implementations
whitepaperDesktop Management Challenges and available solutions
whitepaperWAN Monitoring using OpManager

Webcomic: Network Administration & Device Configuration bluesFollow us on FacebookVideo: FCAPS from an ITIL Perspective

Deploy Software from ServiceDesk Plus
The Software Deployment module of Desktop Central now gets integrated with ServiceDesk Plus. This allows the help desk technicians to deploy software applications on user computers from the ServiceDesk Plus console. Read more.

ADManager Plus now supports Exchange 2010
ManageEngine ADManager Plus now sports this enhancement that will make it an up-to-date Exchange Management tool. With support for Exchange 2010 added to its toolkit, ADManager Plus is all set to be an Administrator's asset! Read more.

Provision for custom reports in DeviceExpert
The latest release of DeviceExpert, build 5550 comes with provision to pick desired attributes alone from the hardware inventory and create custom reports. In addition, the new release comes with a host of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Read more.

Spending more on webiste monitoring than you need to do?
Try Site24x7. Monitor websites, web applications, servers, DNS, HTTPS, TCP, SMTP, Ping and much more. Get automated reports and do SLA management while monitoring them from 30 global locations. Pricing starts at $15/Month/URL for enterprise accounts. Sign up for a free 15-day trial now.

Automate Resource Provisioning for Applications in Virtual and Cloud Environments
Applications Manager provides the capability to automatically provision virtual/cloud resources when threshold levels are violated. The provisioning is possible because of the 40+ applications supported out-of-the-box, which helps IT teams effectively manage their entire hybrid IT infrastructure.
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