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August 2011
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Top Story Give your Network all the Shielding that it Needs!

At 3 AM, Joel (Sysadmin) gets a call about some problem that needs to be attended to immediately and tagged “high priority”, red flagged. Well! That isn’t quite the kind of news one would like to wake up to. As the network administrator of a company with about 2000 people working round the clock handling critical information, it does become a red flagged, high priority issue affecting every strata of the company.

As soon as he enters office, he is welcomed by the words such as “DenialOfService”, “Flash Crowd", "Suspect Flows", etc. in different tones & emotional attributes that come along with it. Trying to get things into his head, on a hazy night/morning, things were not really easy for him to handle and that moment he wished, “If only I had a tool that would take care of this ..”

Well, this is the worst nightmare a Network Administrator could ever have and NetFlow Analyzer is the kind of tool that could have come handy to Joel. The Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) in NetFlow Analyzer provides unprecedented amount of visibility into the security posture of the network. This module analyses the behavior of the network & has a lot of customizable options to set thresholds & monitor the network with security as the primary criteria.

Know more about ASAM here.

Analyst Blogs

When to merge tickets & when to engage Problem Management.

The purpose of merging tickets is to avoid duplicate entries. When a requester raises a request twice for the same incident, the two tickets can be merged. Here's a scenario: A requester, say Bob, sends an email to the help desk for his laptop problem. He then calls the help desk to reconfirm...

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An automated solution to enforce IT policy on standard password practices

Growing instances of information security incidents have forced IT enterprises to put an effective IT policy in place. Enforcing the IT policy with respect to the privileged passwords turns out to be a daunting task to carry out manually. For instance, entering a new password that satisfies...

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Product News & Updates

ADManager Plus

Audit the "ADManager Plus Helpdesk" with Audit Reports

ManageEngine announced the release of ADManager Plus 5.1 Build 5100 this month. Users who deploy this version can view audit reports on all helpdesk tasks executed / attempted using the product. Actionable audit data on administrative actions performed and unauthorized actions attempted using ADManager Plus will henceforth be available as audit reports in the product itself.

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Desktop Central

Desktop Central includes Silent Monitoring of Remote Computers

Desktop Central's Remote Control now supports viewing remote desktops in silent mode without the user knowing that their desktop is being viewed. This is particularly useful for schools and colleges to monitor the student activity.

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DeviceExpert now supports Brocade FastIron Switches

The latest version of DeviceExpert, the Network Change and Configuration Management Solution supports many new device models, including Brocade FastIron Switches and DIGI Routers.

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EventLog Analyzer

Search the needle in the haystack - Job of Forensic experts and Administrators made easy

The advanced search offered by EventLog Analyzer enables forensic experts to dig deep inside the pile of logs to find out the elusive single event generated at the time of crime incidence. This also helps the Sysadmin staff to pin point the network issues responsible for the performance downgrade. One step ahead, the advanced search results can be saved as a report profile to reduce the drudgery of manually repeating the same type of search.

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Firewall Analyzer

Connection through the Firewall is sluggish. Find out the connection in real-time to rectify the behavior

With the Diagnose Live Connections feature of Firewall Analyzer, you can ascertain the reason for sluggish behavior of the connections passing through the Firewall in real-time.

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MSP Center Plus

Initiate AVG Antivirus Scan across thousands of remote Systems via IT Workflows

Using its powerful IT Workflows, MSP Center Plus helps you initiate AVG Antivirus scan across thousands of remote systems. It also allows you to update AVG Antivirus to the latest version. To avail these features, upgrade to build 9002.

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OpStor 7.3 released, targeting Apple users

PROMISE and Fibrenetix, two of the most sought-after raids by Mac OS users are now supported in OpStor, the heterogeneous storage monitoring solution.

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Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro 6.4 supports AES 256 Encryption, MS SQL Server

The latest release of Password Manager Pro, version 6.4 supports MS SQL Server as backend database. It also provides AES 256 encryption for sensitive data and comes with a host of new features and enhancements.

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Stop Getting "Downtime Alerts" from your Customers!

When customers tell you that your website is down or unavailable, it’s pretty embarrassing. With Site24x7's instant downtime alerts, you will be able to identify & troubleshoot the issue and get the site back on, quickly before your customer notices it.

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SQLDBManager Plus

Avoid Performance Bottlenecks by Monitoring Microsoft SQL Sessions

Monitor Microsoft SQL sessions and identify poorly written SQL queries which might affect overall performance of the SQL server. SQLDBManager Plus also allows the DBA to configure alarms and automate actions, whenever an alarm is triggered.

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