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September 2011
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Top Story Troubleshoot Application Performance Issues in Minutes!

Troubleshoot Application Performance Issues in Minutes!

Imagine a situation where a customer-facing business application running in a virtualized data center slows down. However, the slowness is felt only by users in a particular region while users in other parts of the world do not.

Now if you are part of the IT team, your priority must be to identify what exactly caused the slowdown and how to prevent this from occurring again.  However, this is not an easy task given the complex, hybrid data centers that most businesses use nowadays. There are many things that could go wrong. It could be the application, the network or even the underlying virtual machines. How do you quickly get to the bottom of the issue and set things right?

You need to measure the end user experience of your applications and network services such as Ping, DNS, LDAP and Mail server from multiple locations using Applications Manager. These locations could be your enterprise branch offices or even actual customer locations. Applications Manager will help you know exactly how your applications and services are behaving for your end users from different locations. You can now identify and resolve the problem before users call your help desk.

Know more about Applications Manager here.

Analyst Blogs

How to Keep Your PVC Infrastructure Under Control?

No, not Polyvinyl Chloride; I’m talking about the Physical Virtual and Cloud infrastructure in Information Technology (IT). Fast-paced progress in the field of IT has amazed, thrilled and worried most of us – all at the same time. Amazed: New developments taking...

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Switch/Router crash: How do you get the replacement unit up and running?

Planning for quickly recovering from the impact of unforeseen events is an integral part of planning for business continuity. If you are an administrator managing a large number of network devices, properly planning for disaster recovery is all the more crucial...

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Product News & Updates


IT360 version 9030 released with new features for MSPs & Enterprises

IT360 will now have complete support for all IPV6 enabled devices. Product also comes with an enhanced business service grouping which has been our trademark and most loved feature since inception, customers now can create business services across the sites. For MSPs we have also brought in provisions to view all customers alarm on a centralized dashboard with this you needn't go to customer site to check alarms

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Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Reporter Plus gets Mailbox Permission Analysis & Automation of Exchange Server Reporting

ManageEngine released an enhanced version of its Exchange Reporting and Analysis software - Exchange Reporter Plus - this month. Mailbox permission analysis & Reporting and Automated Exchange Server Reporting are the highlights of this release, Version 4.1 Build 4100, where the former assists with the prevention of access rights misuse, while the latter bestows improved operational efficiencies in Exchange Environments.

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Desktop Central

Get Better Visibility on Computers' Warranty using Desktop Central

The warranty information of Dell, Toshiba and HP Computers are automatically retrieved using their Service Tag and are made available as an easy-to-view report.

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Ensure hassle-free configuration changes to production networks using DeviceExpert

Configuration changes to a device in production network requires planning, coordination, attention, diligence and visibility. In the absence of a sound change management process, a faulty or improper change could result in disruptions, network downtime, security breaches and loss of productivity. An easy way to tackle all these issues and deploy changes in hassle-free manner, is to automate the entire change management process using DeviceExpert.

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EventLog Analyzer

Meet the compliance audit requirement of log storage

The archive log data storage offered by EventLog Analyzer surpasses the requirements of the compliance audit. The duration of logs data retention is user defined. The location is also flexible. It could be any media SAN, RAID, a WORM device like CD ROM writer etc. The high light is that the storage can be secured with encryption and tamper-proof.

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Firewall Analyzer

A lot more information about VPN users and their activities

With Firewall Analyzer VPN reports, you can monitor the complete VPN activities on a specific Firewall. With VPN Trend reports, you will get the usage pattern to plan for the resources. You can get users currently connected on VPN through a particular Firewall.

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NetFlow Ananlyzer

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer’s webinar on Network security – A success

The security threats faced by modern day enterprise networks were dealt with in detail & how NetFlow technology could help plugging the holes in traditional modes of ensuring network security was discussed. The webinar was well-attended by professionals from all over the globe.

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Password Manager Pro

Eliminate 'static' Windows Service Accounts using Password Manager Pro

Windows Service accounts are normally forgotten after configuring them initially. Passwords are not changed for ages due to the sheer complexity of the service account password reset process. Static service accounts make the enterprise a haven for hackers! Properly managing the credentials of Windows Service Accounts is one of the crucial aspects of protecting the Windows Network. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro helps achieve this with ease.

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Guard Yourself Against DNS Hijacks!

DNS Hijacking is one of the most common hacks used by hackers, which can leave your website and your reputation in ruins. DNS hijacks or hacks will enable hackers to re-direct your website traffic without your knowledge and place malicious malware into visitors systems. Continuous monitoring of DNS servers by Site24x7 enables you to monitor such attacks and help guard your website reputation in a better manner.

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SQLDBManager Plus

User Administration, SQL Job Execution & More in SQLDBManager Plus 5.3 Version!

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus 5.3 introduces the ability to manage users accessing critical databases. It also allows the DBA to kill SQL Jobs, assign Windows Service Action to an alarm and provide the ability to add, delete and create new SQL Jobs.

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MSP Center Plus

Troubleshoot remote systems at lightning speed with MSP Center Plus!

MSP Center Plus 9 comes with an enhanced performance engine, which raises instant alerts when a Windows service goes up/down. It also allows you to start/stop Windows services and end processes running in remote systems in LIVE.

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