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October 2011
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Top Story ServiceDesk Plus Integrates with Desktop Central & Launches iPhone App

As a Help Desk Technician, do you get significant systems management requests that make you look into additional resources? Have you ever felt the need for doing systems management tasks from your help desk application? We heard you!

Introducing an integrated console for ITIL Help Desk and Desktop Management. That’s right, you can track all your requests using ServiceDesk Plus and fulfill all their system related requests using Desktop Central, all from a single integrated console. It could be anything like mapping a network drive, installing a printer, installing or removing a software, patching the systems, upgrading an application or OS to the latest service pack,  blocking  USB drives and more.

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The help desk application from ServiceDesk plus is now available on the iPhone. It’s a simple to use app which helps the service desk staff access tickets instantly and from anywhere.

In ServiceDesk plus ‘IT on the move’ your service desk staff can create tickets, categorize and edit the requests. Assigning requests, replying and closing tickets can be done with ease from the app. Worklog will help in keeping track of your time spent on tickets. There are options to customize the request view, searching and picking-up tickets based on priority. With request management going mobile your technicians can now deliver focused and quick resolutions and keep the customers happy with increased productivity.

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Analyst Blogs

ITAM - A Key Step in Reducing Operations Costs

Economy is not in your control, your organization's operation costs are! The economy curve isn't exactly going north and it is important for you, as an asset manager, to contribute for reducing operations cost...

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Efficient IT Management: Silos aren’t the Answer

Uptime, downtime, business continuity, cost, productivity and thousands more of such adjectives are the ones that we in the IT world have to hear on a daily basis. Customers or end users expect high uptime...

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Product News & Updates

Exchange Reporter Plus

Mailbox Permission Analysis of Exchange Reporter Plus - Backward Compatible with Exchange 2003 environments

"Mailbox Permission Analysis" the highlight of the previous version of Exchange Reporter Plus, elucidated permissions rendered to mailboxes in Exchange Server 2007 and Mixed Exchange Environments. We are happy to announce an Enhanced backward-compatible "Exchange Reporter Plus" that also demonstrates the mailbox permissions in Exchange Server 2003 environments.

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EC2 Health Monitor

Monitor your Amazon EC2 Servers

ManageEngine Free EC2 Health Monitor tool helps system administrator to collect, analyze the data and find the resource utilization of EC2 instances. The tool makes connection with Amazon EC2 Cloud environment to monitors live feed data and historical data of Amazon EC2 instances.

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Desktop Central

Desktop Central Supports Instant Deployment of Software, Patches and Configurations

Administrators will not require to restart or wait for 90 minutes to get it deployed; they can initiate the deployment instantly on clicking the 'Deploy Immediately' button.

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DeviceExpert now supports devices from Arista Networks, IBM & A10 Networks

The latest version of DeviceExpert (build 5580) supports new device models, including Arista Switches, IBM, A10 Networks and DCN Routers. Configurations of these devices can now be managed using DeviceExpert.

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EventLog Analyzer

Monitor and Control Privileged Access

Administrative access granted to privileged users can now be monitored and controlled using Eventlog Analyzer, which is vital for ensuring that internal security controls remain in top shape.

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Firewall Analyzer

Find out who is Disrupting the Business Bandwidth Use

Firewall Analyzer customers could instantly get notified about who is choking the bandwidth and instantly release it to save from business disruption.

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NetFlow Ananlyzer

NetFlow Analyzer teams up with Cisco for complementary product offerings

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer has successfully passed the InterOperability Verification Testing by Cisco Systems under the Cisco Application Velocity category and is listed on the Cisco Developers Network as a ‘Registered Developer’. This is in addition to being a ‘Technology Developer’ for Cisco. NetFlow Analyzer & Cisco would work together complementary product offerings to joint customers in the areas of NetFlow, IP SLA monitoring, WAAS monitoring.

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Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro in FIPS 140-2 compliant mode

The latest release (build 6402) of Password Manager Pro (PMP) can be configured to run in FIPS 140-2 compliant mode where all encryption in PMP is done through FIPS 140-2 certified systems and libraries. The new release also offers dual encryption for extra security.

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Monitor your FTP Server RTT from outside your Datacenter

Site24x7 FTP monitoring enables webmasters to monitor the availability and performance of FTP Server from outside the datacenter. It monitors the performance of upload and downloads speed and alerts webmasters whenever it goes down. Sign up today to start monitoring your FTP Server.

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SQLDBManager Plus

Monitor and Deliver High Performance and Availability of SQL Server

SQL server relies on its host server to deliver high performance and availability. However, if there are performance issues within the host server, it will directly affect the SQL server performance. Using SQLDBManager Plus, you can monitor its swap memory, physical memory, CPU and disk utilization, network interface performance and much more.

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Applications Manager

Automate Dependency Mapping of your VMware Infrastructure

Applications Manager automatically discovers your entire VMware virtual infrastructure via vCenter and classifies them into components such as data centers, clusters, ESX hosts and VMs. This provides a cohesive view of your virtual environment; helps understand utilization segmented by these components, allocate resources and enable better configuration management.

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