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November 2011
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Top Story Unveil the Harry Potter in You! Get Set “Reparo IT”

Unveil the Harry Potter in You! Get Set “Reparo IT”

Orchestrate and Automate repetitive laborious IT management tasks and perform 1st level trouble-shooting steps for every network fault using OpManager IT workflow automation. OpManager v9 is launched with this new exciting feature “IT workflow automation” for the first time in a network management product as an inbuilt functionality that comes to you at Zero extra cost.

Let your IT admins perform more strategic tasks using OpManager’s IT workflow automation instead of looking at every network fault or routine tasks. The support to over 70 out-of-the-box checks / actions grouped under 9 different categories make it easy for administrators to quickly create their desired workflow rules. These checks / actions include operations such as start/stop/suspending a service, power-on / power-off VMware devices, Adding notes to OpManager alarms & much more.

Along with IT workflow automation, OpManager v9 release also supports monitoring HyperV in addition to the existing VMware monitoring, custom script monitoring, REST API to integrate with third party network management tools, a revamped GUI & more. Checkout what’s new with OpManager v9.

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Analyst Blogs

How fast can you add a new rack of switches/routers?

Network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers have a profound impact on business continuity. When your business grows, your network also grows. In dynamic enterprises, network administrators often face the challenge of adding ...

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Virtual Machine Sprawls: How can you keep them in check? 

Is too much of a good thing bad? The answer is yes. Wise men say too much of money can cloud your judgment. Too much of love can leave you heart broken. Too much of kindness can leave you vulnerable. In a similar vein, too much of VMs can lead to uncontrolled...

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Product News & Updates

ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus Includes "Online SMS Gateway" for ID Verification & Notifications

ADSelfService Plus 4.5 Build 4530, the latest version of our password self-service software, now engages an online SMS gateway to allow you to text “Identity Verification Codes” & “Notifications” to end-user mobile phones (in addition to its modem-based methods).

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ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus’s compelling new ‘Contact Management’ and ‘Exchange Mailbox Cleanup’ Features!

ADManager Plus 5.2 Build 5200’s new features like Single Contact Creation, Template Based Contact Creation, Drag-n-Drop Customizable Templates, Setting Mandatory Attributes for Contact Creation, Disabling/Deleting a User’s Exchange Mailbox from ADManager Plus console, make Contact and Exchange Mailbox Management more easy, simple and efficient than ever!

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Applications Manager

Monitor vFabric tc Server - VMware’s new cloud application platform

Applications Manager has added support for monitoring the performance of vFabric tc Server and the Spring-based applications deployed on those servers. This means you can now use Applications Manager to monitor the virtual stack, OS, database, application server as well as the end user experience.

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End-of-life status report in DeviceExpert

The latest release of DeviceExpert (version 5600) provides a new report depicting the End-of-Sale and End-of-Life status of your devices. The new release also includes enhancements and support for new device models.

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EventLog Analyzer

The Perpetual Dilemma: Agent or Agent-less

Yes, ManageEngine understands this paradigm of collection of logs using agent or direct without using agent. We aren't offering any verdict for the dilemma. EventLog Analyzer offers optional Agent to collect logs in your network. That really increases the answer options to the log collection question. Now be at peace with log collection depending upon the security policy requirements of your enterprise. Use any one of the option.

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Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Reporter Plus - Now, with more Reports and Features!

The latest Exchange Reporter Plus 4.1, Build 4110 offers latest features such as detailed Exchange Server statistics on ‘Recently Created Mailboxes’, ‘Mailbox Store Split-up’ and ‘Mailbox Storage Information’. These critical statistics benefit the superior Exchange Server reporting and analysis capabilities of an Exchange Administrator. These reports, equip Exchange administrators with a broad and complete audit picture on mailbox additions, various mailbox stores capacity used among other critical audit functions on offer for an Exchange Organization.

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NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer 9.5 Unveiled – With Medianet support in the base edition

ManageEngine rolled out NetFlow Analyzer 9.5 and the major highlights being free Medianet & Mediatrace reporting. The user interface has been given a complete facelift which improves navigation & improves usability by leaps and bounds. Other new features that have been include Grid view for devices & interfaces, tabbed view, AppFlow support, performance tuning at the UI level and more.

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Password Manager Pro

Allow time-limited, temporary access to sensitive IT resources using Password Manager Pro

Emergency/fire-call access to a server, database or any other device in production could be provisioned through Password Manager Pro. Users requiring such temporary access will have to make a request, which will be approved by one or more administrators.

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Save Money in 2012; Switch to Site24x7 and Get Maximum Benefit

Site24x7 pay-per-use model offers a unique opportunity for those who are looking to move away from expensive website monitoring solutions. With Site24x7, you can monitor 10 websites and 5 Web apps at $50 per month!

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Firewall Analyzer

Get minute to minute update on bandwidth usage of your enterprise

Firewall Analyzer provides you Firewall device specific and interface specific real-time bandwidth report. Now the tool  displays the accurate bandwidth consumption data instantaneously. With this you can pin point the source of surge in internet bandwidth in real-time and take appropriate action to bring it under control.

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Windows Service Monitor Tool

Manage and Monitor your windows services

The ManageEngine Windows Service Monitor helps system administrator to manage and monitor windows services like Exchange, MSSQL, SharePoint, MYSQL, DHCP and WMI services of 3 remote servers simultaneously. The administrator can start and stop any services remotely using the tool.

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