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Top Story Combat the Bugaboos of IT Security this Season

All you need is ManageEngine Security Suite

Today's enterprises are facing unprecedented security threats. As organizations embrace new technologies, newer threats keep pace. Proliferation of mobile devices, adoption of cloud computing and virtualization have all made enterprise security all the more difficult and highly important. When you dig deep into security incidents and breaches, you will find certain basic security measures carelessly handled. With today’s social networks, bad news travels faster, lingers on to affect your business forever.

Combating the sophisticated cyber threats mandates a multi-pronged strategy - deploying security devices, enforcing policies, controlling access to resources, monitoring events, detecting vulnerabilities, managing patches, tracking changes, ensuring compliance to standards and regulations, analyzing traffic and a host of other activities. ManageEngine offers a perfect solution to all your enterprise IT security concerns. Right from vulnerability scanning to log management, change management, security audits, privileged access control, active directory auditing and more, ManageEngine covers the entire spectrum of IT security and regulatory compliance.

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Product News & Updates

  • All new ADManager Plus: Restore Deleted AD Objects, Migrate Mailboxes, Workflow Notifications
    Mailbox Migration, from Exchange 2003 to 2007/10, in BULK, with simple UI and just a single web-based.... more…
  • Get Real-time control over device config changes using DeviceExpert
    Faulty or unauthorized config changes to switches, routers, firewalls and other devices often lead... more…
  • Password Manager Pro emerges the top choice of IT Managers across the globe in 2011
    Password Manager Pro has grown by leaps and bounds in 2011, literally. While it has kept existing... more…
  • OpStor 7.4 Released
    OpStor, the multi-vendor storage monitoring product from ManageEngine released its latest version... more…
  • Enjoy 40 percent-discount on Enterprise Account of Site24x7
    Site24x7, website monitoring service which monitors websites from 35+ different locations worldwide... more…
  • Joint webinar with Cisco - A Roaring success!
    The joint webinar from Cisco & ManageEngine was well received by audience from throughout the globe... more…
  • Webinar on Help Desk Tips & Tricks [January 4th, 2012]
    Help Desk Tips & Tricks webinar, organized by ManageEngine will make you understand more about... more…
  • Applications Manager improves APM breadth, depth and ease of use
    Applications Manager introduced some key capabilities in 2011 such as end user experience monitoring... more…
  • Forward Syslog message to multiple servers at No Cost
    ManageEngine Syslog Forwarder Tool is a windows desktop dashboard tool which receives the syslog... more…

Analyst Blogs

Stop being the 'Screaming Jerry Maguire'

So Assets complete you!"... Blah!. This phrase is a from a very popular scene from Jerry Maguire, which I saw for the nth time: "Show me the money" Recently when I thought of IT asset managers and their willingness, but lack of knowledge of the power they have ...

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How do you control concurrent privileged access to sensitive IT resources? 

In enterprises, quite often, many administrators might be accessing a system in production environment concurrently. They might be attempting to carry out conflicting operations, unconnected tasks or even trying the same activity. In the absence of proper planning...

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