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January 2012
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Top Story Monitor Servers & End User Experience - From the Cloud

Monitor Servers & End User Experience - From the Cloud

Ensure optimum performance and availability of your servers and desktops across branch offices and data centers from the cloud. The Site24x7 Service now brings you server monitoring on the hosted platform.

Using Site24x7, you can monitor back-end server performance and front-end user experience of your websites and internet facing services. The server monitoring is an agent based solution that helps monitor the availability and performance of your internal servers. Using server monitoring, you can keep tab on critical metrics such as CPU, memory and disk utilization for Windows machines.

With no hardware or software to maintain or upgrade, Site24x7’s server monitoring service is a perfect New Year gift for your business.

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Product News & Updates

  • Dual Encryption in Password Manager Pro
    For additional security, Password Manager Pro (PMP) now encrypts sensitive data.... more…
  • Ensure security settings in device configs using DeviceExpert
    Flaws is security settings of device configurations often serve as an open invitation to intruders... more…
  • Desktop Central adds MS SQL Support in Release 8
    Desktop Central 8, released recently, will extend support to customers to use MS SQL database... more…
  • Mailbox Permission Analysis in Exchange Reporter Plus is now compatible with 64 bit EMC as well!
    ‘Mailbox Permission Analysis’ capabilities in ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus 4.1 Build 4120... more…
  • ADAudit Plus 4.1 now Supports Non-English DCs, File Servers and Member Servers
    Worldwide enterprise audit is now possible with support for Non-English Active Directory Domain... more…
  • NetFlow Analyzer on Social Media – Join us now!
    ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is taking a major step in reaching out to customers... more…
  • Azure Performance Monitoring and Remote monitoring at 0 cost
    The ManageEngine Azure Performance Monitor serves as a smart desktop tool... more…
  • Webinar: ManageEngine IT360 and MSP customer Appalachia Technologies discuss on Real-time IT
    With the IT environment growing more and more complex, IT managers need new tools and approaches... more…
  • EventLog Analyzer supports fail-safe back-end database MS SQL Cluster
    With extended support to MS SQL Cluster as back-end database, EventLog Analyzer eliminates... more…
  • Firewall Analyzer forays into Virtual space
    The recently released version 7.2 of Firewall Analyzer supports Virtual Firewalls... more…
  • Applications Manager releases version 10.2; adds support for Oracle JRockit and IBM JVM
    JRockit and IBM JVMs are popular among users of IBM and Oracle software... more…
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Another Look At Gartner's 5 Dimensions of APM

What are the important issues and goals to consider when evaluating a suite of APM solutions -- from one or more vendors -- to ensure that your APM solution will help IT operate at the new speed of business? Consider Gartner's 5 dimensions of APM...

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Password Manager Pro is worth every penny, say our customers!

There can't be a better finish to an eventful year. As 2011 is drawing to a close, we are hearing feedback from scores of highly satisfied customers. And, many of them have reiterated one important fact: Password Manager Pro is worth every penny....

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