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February 2012
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Top Story With iPad support for IT360, you can now manage IT on-the-go!

With iPad support for IT360, you can now manage IT on-the-go!

Visibility into Real-time IT is incomplete if you are not connected to IT all the time. So we thought why do you have to sit at office to be connected?

With businesses today moving at new speeds, IT is playing the catch-up game and hence one of the results is consumer-driven IT. We at ManageEngine introduce you to the newest way to manage IT with IT360 on an Apple iPad. Today the concept of Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD as it is popularly known, is widespread and increasing quickly. We thought- why should a ManageEngine customer lag behind?

Introducing a whole new interface and design with the IT360 Apple iPad that is specifically designed keeping the iPad user behavioral in mind. This allows you to manage IT operations and service management from a single console not only from desktop or laptop but also from an iPad!

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Product News & Updates

  • XenServer Performance Monitoring and Remote monitoring
    ManageEngine XenServer Health Monitor Tool provides an exclusive monitoring solution for Citrix.... more…
  • ManageEngine Desktop Central - Looking Back at 2011
    A rewind on the enhancements and events of 2011 for ManageEngine Desktop Central. Watch Video
  • Instantly troubleshoot video traffic with Netflow Analyzer
    The OnDemand Mediatrace reports in NetFlow Analyzer help in improving the path of video flows at a highly... more…
  • EventLog Analyzer 7.2 now monitors Print Server and Apache Web Server logs too!
    Do you want to monitor and audit your employee’s printing activities? Do you want to know if any... more…
  • Applications Manager version 10.3 released; includes support for VMware vFabric RabbitMQ
    Monitor performance of RabbitMQ servers in real time and ensure optimal performance of your enterprise... more…
  • Password Manager Pro Passes Penetration Test by Seibert Media
    Password Manager Pro was subjected to the rigorous penetration test process by Seibert Media, a leading... more…
  • High Availability Architecture in DeviceExpert for Uninterrupted Access to Configs
    The latest version of DeviceExpert supports high availability architecture through redundant server... more…
  • Site24x7 Root Cause Analysis; Troubleshoot Internet facing applications and network services
    Root Cause Analysis lets you identify the actual reason behind your web app downtime, based on DNS... more…
  • ADManager Plus’s ‘Computer Object Management’ gets more teeth with exciting new features!
    With ADManager Plus’s latest features like Single Computer Creation, Template Based Computer Creation... more…
  • Mailbox Traffic Audit Reports in Exchange Reporter Plus enhanced to audit in/out External Domain Traffic
    Exchange Reporter Plus announced its latest release “Exchange Reporter Plus 4.1 Build 4130” this week... more…
  • ADSelfService Plus gets “Instant DC Updater”!
    In the latest version of ADSelfService Plus (Version 4.5 Build 4540), any self-service action by a user ... more…
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