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March 2012
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Top Story Precise IT Audit Trail for Forensics, Security & Compliance!

With ADAudit Plus, Achieve the 'Windows Server Auditing' Target!

Windows Server Administrators face umpteen unforeseen challenges like unauthorized user logons, server logon trespass, tracking user logoffs, adverse reactions to critical Groups, OU, GPO modifications so on. The one Solution to multiple problems, is in the form of a single, central console - ADAudit Plus; Track, audit and report on the 4 business-critical Servers- Windows Active Directory, File Server, NetApp Filer & Member Server.

ADAudit Plus presents the behemoth audited data in a segmented and as simple, detailed reports totaling to 150+ and instant email alerts on critical events. The results can be exported to various formats to assist in interpretation, compliance and computer forensics!

The latest addition in the ADAudit Plus bandwagon is NetApp Filer auditing. Track the successful / unsuccessful file changes with dedicated 35+ pre-configured reports & e-mail alerts. Also, ADAudit Plus extends Support for Non-English DCs, File Servers and Member Servers.

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Product News & Updates

  • ManageEngine co-sponsors Protected Health Information (PHI) project
    ManageEngine has co-sponsored the "Protected Health Information" (PHI) project, an initiative by the... more…
  • Monitor Privileged Users using EventLog Analyzer
    Privileged user monitoring poses a significant challenge for enterprises. The privileged users... more…
  • Renew SSL certificates on time using Applications Manager
    Use Applications Manager to monitor your SSL certificates and get notified... more…
  • DeviceExpert enhances hardware inventory report
    DeviceExpert displays the hardware properties of the managed devices in the form of an informative... more…
  • Password Manager Pro introduces first-in-class remote login mechanisms
    The latest release of Password Manager Pro (version 6.5) comes with HTML5-powered, first-in-class... more…
  • Firewall Device Configuration Change Management
    To enforce the IT policy and fine tune the Firewall device performance, you need to keep changing... more…
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Analyst Blogs

The FBI is on your back - beware!

Look who is chasing malware now. It’s the FBI of the United States. After busting all the bad guys in the world (sometimes even inside countries considered friendly to them) they are now on to a new hunt - the deadliest DNSChanger Trojan malware....

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Privileged User Monitoring and Audit (PUMA)

Privileged Users, like Network Administrators, System Administrators, and Database Administrators all have unrestricted access to all the critical servers, applications, and databases in an enterprise. They have the powers to create or remove user profiles and manage user privileges....

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