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June 2012
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Top Story Unlock the Real Value of your Machine Generated Logs

Unlock the Real Value of your Machine Generated Logs

Your IT infrastructure generates huge amount of logs every day and these machine generated logs contain vital information of all network activities such as user logons/logoffs, policy changes, object deletion and more. This information helps organizations to audit their network for internal threats and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

With organizations generating terabytes of log, analyzing these logs manually is painful and time consuming. That’s where log management solutions like EventLog Analyzer come in. This Log Management tool helps organizations to collect, analyze, report, and archive logs without any hassle. EventLog Analyzer supports a wide variety of IT Security and Regulatory Compliance reports such as SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, ISO 27001/2, etc. Its powerful and intelligent alerting engine helps network administrators to quickly troubleshoot and identify the root cause of IT problems.

Now you can stop sifting through voluminous logs manually and get it all done with EventLog Analyzer.

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Product News & Updates

  • Log Forensic Analysis: Construct the Crime Scene with EventLog Analyzer
    Most often companies fail to track down the network intruder who initiated the network breach... more…
  • Download ADManager Plus latest Service Pack to upgrade to Build 5231!
    Upgrade to ADManager Plus’s latest Build (5231) to get all the latest features including... more…
  • Put your time to better use. Troubleshoot application issues from your iPhone
    Often times you are woken up in the middle of the night to deal with annoying outages... more…
  • Advanced Group Policy Objects Change Auditing with ADAudit Plus
    ADAudit Plus betters its best with the latest addition of in-depth GPO change audit reports... more…
  • ADSelfService Plus further fortifies its User Authentication Gates
    By partially masking ‘User Contact Info’ during the course of password/account self-service... more…
  • Launch TELNET/SSH connection to remote devices from DeviceExpert
    The latest release of DeviceExpert (V5.7) provides the option to launch direct TELNET/SSH connection... more…
ServiceDesk Plus MSP 8.0 is now available

Analyst Blogs

Object Access Auditing Simplified – Find the ‘Who, What, Where, When’ of File & Folder Access

Most administrators face the challenge of knowing what actually happened to their files and folders – who accessed them, deleted them, edited them, moved them....

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Data Breach at LinkedIn: Time to Seriously Consider Using a Password Manager!

Reports claim that over 6.46 million hashed passwords stolen from LinkedIn have been published on a Russian forum. In a blog post, LinkedIn has confirmed the...

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Critical AD & GPO Change Audit with Reports and Email Alerts!

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