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September 2012
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Top Story New kid on the Block - Mobile Device Management

Desktop Central adds Mobile Device Management (MDM) capability

YES, you heard it right. Desktop Central strengthens its product portfolio to include Mobile Device Management capability, which means you can manage both Desktops and Mobile devices from a single solution.

As more and more enterprises adopt mobility to increase the user productivity, the IT has an additional burden of managing the mobile devices, both corporate and user-owned, in addition to the desktops and laptops. From the IT standpoint, procuring and maintaining multiple point products to manage desktops and mobile devices is a real pain. With MDM capability, Desktop Central addresses this pain and makes it easy for enterprises to manage both desktops and mobile devices from a single solution.

Desktop Central's MDM allows enterprises to manage iOS devices 4.0 and above, including the latest iOS 6.

  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Management: No need to install agents on the managed devices.
  • Configuration Management: Configure devices for Wifi, VPN, Email, LDAP, Webclips and other configurations.
  • Policy Management: Enforce passcode policy and restrict device functions like installing Apps, You Tube, disallowing untrusted certificates, etc.
  • App Management: Manage distribution of both in-house and app Store Apps to managed devices.
  • Security Management: Secure data theft from lost or misplaced devices by remotely locking a device or wiping off all the data from the mobile.

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