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Top Story Applications Manager enhances Microsoft Ecosystem support

Gain visibility across the Microsoft .NET stack

Does the IT infrastructure of your business use a lot of Microsoft and Windows applications and components? Then, check out the new Windows Azure monitoring and .NET transaction monitoring features in Applications Manager. This is in addition to the existing support for Hyper-V, Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, Microsoft MQ, SQL Server and IIS.

The Azure monitoring capabilities enables the IT administrators to ensure their cloud-based applications running on the Windows Azure platform perform optimally. It helps proactively troubleshoot performance issues and optimize capacity planning.

The .NET transaction monitoring helps development teams identify slow spots in transactions by showing breakup of web transaction response times to the granularity of a method level or database call. With Apdex user experience scores for .NET components, IT administrators can communicate application performance achievements to the line of business managers in a business-friendly language.

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Commercial Bank of Dubai, provides reliable and secure services to its 500,000 customers with ManageEngine's IT360
ManageEngine at Oracle Open Automate Log Management with EventLog Analyzer

Product News & Updates

  • ADSelfService Plus eliminates vulnerability issues in its latest release
    The latest release of ADSelfService Plus (Version 4.5 Build 4550) provides enhanced security against... more…
  • Privileged Session Recording in Password Manager Pro
    Privileged sessions launched from Password Manager Pro (v 6.7) can be recorded, archived and played... more…
  • Enhanced agent-based server monitoring in the Cloud with Site24x7
    Get in-depth info about the back-end server performance and front-end user experience of your websites... more…
Very happy with SeriveDesk Plus, Easy to use and User Friendly compared to BMC, CA and IBM

Analyst Blogs

How about deploying a surveillance camera for Windows RDP, Telnet, SSH session actions?

Nowadays, enterprises of all sizes and types rely on surveillance cameras for physical security of their premises. With cyber-crimes looming large, effectively securing ...

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From Dungeon to Corner Office: Evolution of the CIO

Last week, I attended the 2012 Midmarket CIO Forum. It got me thinking about how dramatically IT and the role of the chief information officer (CIO) have evolved.

My first introduction to the world of IT was back in the late eighties. I was fresh out of college and working for a software

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Monitor those few critical servers in your both branch office with Site24x7 cloud offering

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Firewall Change Management - Gain Insight into Firewall Configuration Changes with Firewall Analyzer
Desktop Central spreads its wings with App lock and global proxy support for iOS6

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