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Top Story New ADManager Plus 6 Automates IAM in Active Directory

New ADManager Plus 6 Automates IAM in Active Directory

ADManager Plus 6 unveiled! The new version is capable of automating crucial Identity and Access management operations in Active Directory environment. Additionally, it offers automation and role-based access management techniques, which seal the gap between business needs and Active Directory technology, equipping even non-technical users with business know-how (such as HR/business managers) to involve directly in processes otherwise inaccessible to them.

Some highlights of this new version:

Automation Policies: Write rules that automatically execute an AD task (such as user provisioning) and also trigger a succession of supplementary operations at scheduled intervals. With this you can even automate the entire account lifecycle management for contractors.

User Modification Templates: A quick way to modify user accounts and also to define role-based access controls.

Rule-based User Modification: Configure autofill conditions; have certain user attributes filled in automatically when a specified condition is satisfied.

Enhanced Workflow & Automatic Task Assigner: The product’s approval workflow engine has been revamped and can now also be configured to automatically assign tasks to users as specified by you.

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