September 2018

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September, 2018

Learn from the best at our
Chicago User Conference


Two days of hands-on training—now at half the price.

Claim your early bird pricing

Strengthen your first line of defense
against hackers


Don’t be a victim of common hacks like brute force, social engineering, and dictionary attacks. Learn from our expert’s guide to cybersecurity.

Up your defenses

Privileged access management practices for healthcare cyber hygiene


A PAM routine, when followed religiously, can help healthcare organizations
secure access to patient data as well as prove compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Build up your immunity

Auto-remediate your IT incidents


Learn how to automatically execute defined scripts or actions
when an alert is received in AlarmsOne.

Automate your workflow

[Free e-book] Five revenue metrics
every MSP should track


Ready for a reality check? Here are five revenue metrics to help you
see how profitable your business truly is.

Track your profits

New in Applications Manager


Track key metrics like throughput, latency, and throttled requests
right from Applications Manager.

Data on Dynamo

Take control of your network logs


Read our handbook to learn how to audit your network perimeter logs
using a SIEM solution.

No-nonsense network

Monitor your VMware
datastores from the cloud


Storage, latency, snapshot size—what other VMware vSphere
datastore metrics will you monitor?

Dig into datastores

Essential Office 365 best practices


Plug the security gaps in your Office 365 setup to safeguard against potential threats.

Secure your setup

Access management cheat sheet for making your files, folders, and shares bulletproof


Improve security and ensure regulatory compliance using a single pane for access permissions management and reporting.

Address your access

Troubleshoot from anywhere at any time


Enter Remote Access Plus, our new solution for troubleshooting
Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
With advanced remote control and over a dozen tools,
you can quickly resolve any IT incident.

Ready to go remote?

We’re thrilled to be positioned in the first Gartner Magic Quadrant for UEM


Desktop Central was recognized for its easy-to-navigate interface
and lower price point than many other UEM vendors.

Quite the quadrant

OpManager emerges as a leader in
network monitoring


Read why Info-Tech gave OpManager a gold medal in its
Network Monitoring Category Report.

Go for gold

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