November 2018

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November, 2018

E-book: 5 ways to ensure business
continuity in the wake of network disasters


When disaster strikes, restore your network to the best working version by adopting our simple solutions.

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Multiple security problems,
one solution: Event correlation


From data breaches to advanced persistent threats, Log360’s correlation module can protect you from today’s most pressing security problems.

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AI-driven Azure monitoring and our
Microsoft Teams chatbot integration


Manage over 100 Azure products and gain visibility into hybrid cloud environments.
DevOps teams can use ChatOps in Microsoft Teams to simplify
IT monitoring as well as incident management tasks.

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Microsoft announces end-of-life for
Windows 7


Learn how to update all your organization’s computers to
Windows 10 before January 2020.

The clock is ticking

Advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus’
ticket history, projects, and knowledge base management modules


Understand the ticket journey, promote self-service, and manage IT projects more efficiently using Analytics Plus.

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Video guide: The top three ways to help
AD admins succeed


Frustrated by the lack of provisioning for Active Directory bulk management? Watch our guide to see how you can solve your biggest Active Directory identity management challenges.

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How one retail solutions giant secured
over 10,000 mobile devices


Smollan protects its data, improves productivity, and cuts costs
with Mobile Device Manager Plus.

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Are leaky Office 365 productivity apps
putting your data at risk?


Learn how to secure your Office 365 apps with comprehensive usage reporting, real-time monitoring, advanced auditing, and alerting.

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The key to resolving IT issues from the
comfort of your desk


With Remote Access Plus moving the cloud, you can now securely access
remote computers without interrupting the workflow of your employees.

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Detect and troubleshoot Active Directory account lockouts with ease


ADAudit Plus notifies IT admins about lockouts in real time; its consolidated audit
trail goes one step further and helps resolve them, too.

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An AD password management guide
just for schools


Students and teachers forgetting their passwords doesn’t have to trouble you anymore! Grab our admin’s guide and learn how self-service password reset can help.

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