December 2018

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December, 2018

Happy holidays! Spread some joy.

Remembering 2018, a year of change


As we approach 2019, we look back and size up what ManageEngine has achieved over the past year.

Go back in time

Kick-start a proactive cybersecurity strategy for 2019


Ransomware attacks will cause an estimated $11.5 billion in damages across the globe in 2019. Fortify your business’ security before it’s too late.

Prep for 2019

10 firewall best practices for security admins


Firewall rules, if left unmanaged, can leave your network open to attacks. Learn how to configure your firewall for maximum effectiveness.

Fuel your firewall

A must-have guide on secure password sharing practices for enterprises


Gain insight into detrimental password sharing practices that can put your organization at risk, and learn how to handle them with expert tips on better password security.

Wise up

Aurora monitoring redefined


Embrace the security, reliability, availability, and simplicity of open-source databases with support for Amazon Aurora in Applications Manager.

Amazing Aurora

Keep a close eye on changes made to your business-critical files


With DataSecurity Plus’ file change monitoring tool, you can easily track and analyze every activity happening in your file servers.

Simplify server security

Free resource kit: One solution for Office 365 migration, security, and management


Get all the resources you need for free Office 365 migration to improve security and compliance, and simplify Exchange Online and Azure AD management.

Here’s all you need

Safeguard files and folders in your Linux devices with Log360


Track the creation, modification, deletion, and renaming of files and folders in Linux devices, along with permission changes, using predefined reports and alerts.

Tell me more

Smart, data-driven Active Directory management with custom dashboards


Focus on the critical aspects of AD and track the status of AD tickets from ADManager Plus’ revamped dashboard with an intuitive, flat UI.

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The role of SIEM in PCI DSS compliance January 22, 2019 Register »
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