February 2019

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February, 2019

E-book: Seven reasons your help desk needs analytics


Create custom metrics. Perform investigative analysis. The reasons don’t stop there.

Dig deep

Gain visibility on every layer of your app stack with 50+ plug-ins


Keep tabs on the subsystems in your application platform to optimize your server monitoring experience. Gather custom metrics from MySQL, Apache, NGINX, and Nagios, or build your own plug-in.

Unveil hidden layers

Top IT security risks that you need to address ASAP


Unmanaged privileged accounts can amplify security threats and leave your organization vulnerable to privilege abuse attacks. Use Password Manager Pro to mitigate password-related security risks.

Monitor privileged accounts

What makes Patch Manager Plus a secure solution for enterprise patching?


Learn what goes into the security hardening of our patch management software.

Patch the secure way

Best ways to map the business impact of application performance issues


This e-book will walk you through the challenges you might face during application monitoring, their impact on your business, and how you can overcome them effectively.

Show me how

E-book: Top 10 tips to protect your company’s data from malicious insiders


Learn how to prevent security breaches perpetrated by ignorant, negligent, or malicious employees.

Look within

AD password caches troubling your telecommuters?


Never let forgotten passwords get in the way of your telecommuters’ work. Empower them to reset their passwords by themselves, even when on the move.

Watch and learn

Find and investigate malicious emails in Office 365


Go beyond keyword-based content searches. Ensure complete protection of personally identifiable information and confidential business data with pattern-based searches, custom search schedules, and more.

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