March 2019

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March, 2019

Dallas UserConf ’19: Learn from the people behind the tools you love


Three days of hands-on training, one-on-one sessions,
and immense fun.

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Amp up your cybersecurity game with ManageEngine’s all-new Vulnerability Manager Plus


Vulnerability Manager Plus is an enterprise solution that hunts down vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security loopholes in your network, while keeping your systems and servers secure.

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New cloud identity solution for enterprises


All-new Identity Manager Plus offers cloud-based single sign-on for Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, and other enterprise applications.

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ServiceDesk Plus Cloud introduces a CMDB
in its enterprise edition


ServiceDesk Plus Cloud now provides a CMDB. Service desks can define CIs, track their relationships, and gain greater control.

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E-book | Choosing the right chart for your IT data


With so many chart types available, choosing the right charts to study your IT data can be confusing. In this e-book, we’ve picked nine charts and outlined how you can use them effectively to get insight into your IT data.

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10 crucial security audit reports every admin needs


Read our e-book to access audit reports and track crucial security events, such as user logons and data accesses.

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Detect security threats by tracking Active Directory user login history


Get a consolidated login trail of users and leverage machine learning to analyze login patterns.

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How do I achieve and sustain enterprise IT security?


That’s the question most IT admins have asked themselves at some point. Our free e-book has the answer.

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E-book | The Basics of Network Monitoring


Revisit the fundamentals of network monitoring and best practices to improve your network’s performance.

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Who knew Identity Management could
be so much fun?


Don’t believe us? See for yourself how managing user identities can be like playing a game. You can tackle onboarding, managing, off boarding, and a whole lot more across AD, Office 365, G Suite, etc.

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