September 2019

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September, 2019

Millions of mobile devices fall prey to mobile
attacks every day. How safe is your enterprise?


Leverage Mobile Device Manager Plus to proactively identify,
diagnose, and mitigate mobile threats.

Secure your devices

ManageEngine’s IT Security podcast series is here!


We are delighted to announce the launch of our weekly IT Security
podcast series; now you can listen to your favorite IT security
experts on the go!

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Defend against insider threats with machine
learning algorithms


Learn about the fundamentals of user and entity behavior analytics,
and discover how you can prevent sophisticated attacks.

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[E-book] How to protect your C-suite
from whale phishing attacks


Learn the latest techniques scammers are using to attack
C-suite mailboxes, and how to thwart them.

Prevent attacks

EMA research: The must-haves in an enterprise
network performance management
(NPM) solution


EMA, a leading IT research firm, has released a new white paper
covering the issues in data management and how
OpManager helps solve those issues.

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Effortlessly monitor your Nutanix infrastructure


Gain visibility into your hyper-converged environment, track key metrics,
and identify and resolve issues easily with support for Nutanix.

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Introducing advanced analytics for
Password Manager Pro


Analyze password security, usage patterns, and operation volumes
to gain actionable insights and fortify your privileged accounts.

Secure your accounts

Introducing Device Control Plus, the solution
that drives data protection


Bid goodbye to data leaks via removable devices. Device Control
Plus can instantly control, block, and monitor all device
and file accesses.

Gain control

Improve the digital experience of end users
across all platforms


Ensure your application is not just available, but also fast enough
to engage users and deliver a smooth end-user experience; you
can also monitor the experience on web and mobile platforms.

Enhance the end-user experience

Six surefire ways to protect your network from
impending privilege abuse attacks


Worried that a privilege abuse attack might be brewing? Fend
off instances of privilege abuse by implementing these
airtight measures.

Safeguard your network
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This month’s top blog posts
AssetExplorer gains an edge over other ITAM software
User and entity behavior analytics: The intelligent guardian
of your business
Seven ways to secure macOS deployments in your enterprise
ServiceDesk Plus named in Capterra’s 20 most popular IT
asset management solutions list
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