October 2019

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October 2019

ServiceDesk Plus announces rapid-start Enterprise
Service Management


Swiftly create and deploy unique service desk instances for business
teams like HR, facilities, and finance within 60 seconds with the
on-premises version of ServiceDesk Plus.

Up your game

Free e-book: Unified Endpoint Management
(UEM) for Dummies


Discover the importance of UEM, and explore simplified management,
robust security strategies, and precise data management protocols.

UEM made easy

Detect copied files and prevent data leaks
using DataSecurity Plus


Learn how to track, alert, and respond to critical files being copied
across your organization with DataSecurity Plus.

Plug the leaks

White paper: Group Policy change monitoring by
Microsoft MVP Derek Melber


Read about Group Policy auditing with Microsoft as well as solutions
that can help you fill in the gaps left by native auditing tools.

A word from the wise

Free e-book: A guide to implementing analytics in IT


Implementing analytics for IT is no small feat. To make it easier, we’ve
compiled an e-book that outlines the steps involved in implementing
IT analytics.

Become an expert

VMware resource pool monitoring added by
popular demand


Take control of your VMware environment. Understand resource
allocation and avoid virtualization bottlenecks in minutes.

Plan ahead

Unravel the path to seamless Oracle Cloud


Gain complete visibility into your Oracle Cloud infrastructure, and track
key metrics such as block volumes, boot volumes, and network traffic.

Oversee Oracle

How cybersecure are you?


Hackers and viruses are finding new ways to enter your cyberspace.
Take the cybersecurity quiz to see where you stand, and learn best
practices to keep you and your organization safe from attackers.

Quiz me
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