December 2019

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December 2019

Mumbai UserConf ’20: Learn from the experts
behind the tools you love

Join us at our first ever user conference in India for two days of
hands-on training, one-on-one sessions, and tons of fun.


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A single stolen identity can bankrupt
your company

Companies can lose as much as $4 million due to bad identity
and access management (IAM) practices. Here’s how you can
avoid taking a hit like this by rethinking your IAM strategy.


Secure identities

Will cyber terrorism bring down
your organization?

Cyber terrorists can easily carry out attacks such as
credential stuffing or password spraying, which can
prove catastrophic if successful.


Avoid disaster

Why choose between security, simplified
identity, and privilege management
when you can have them all?

Here are five simple hacks that will guarantee error-free,
secure, and swift management of identities and access rights.


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A white paper: Windows 10 migration and
combating its impact on browsers

Read our white paper to find out how Windows 10 migration
can affect the browsing experience for end users, and what
you can do to ensure a seamless transition.


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Free support for Windows 7
Extended Security Updates (ESU)

Eliminate the hassle of deploying Windows 7 ESU using
ManageEngine’s patch management solutions.
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Achieving optimal Android security in your enterprise the CIS Benchmarks way!

Learn about the twenty most enterprise-critical CIS Android
Benchmarks, and how Mobile Device Manager Plus can
help you easily achieve these on your corporate devices.


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2019: A look back

New monitoring capabilities, integrations, and a smarter iOS
app, plus 17 exclusive seminars and attendance at 18 industry
events–Site24x7 has had a busy year! Take a look at our
year-end review to catch up on anything you may have missed.


2019: Year in review!

Are your network devices safe?

Detect devices in your network running vulnerable firmware,
and see ways to protect your network from imminent attacks.


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Limit Active Directory attack radius with efficient management practices


Dec 18, 2019

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Why poor IAM could easily cost your organization as much as $4 million, and how to prevent it


Dec 18, 2019

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Unlock the secrets to user logon auditing and prevent attacks


Dec 19, 2019

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G2 recognizes ManageEngine as a High Performer and Momentum Leader in UEM


ManageEngine recognized as best cloud security vendor


Cleaning up inactive user accounts in Active Directory


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