September 2023

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September 2023

CISO handbook: Cybersecurity metrics, budgeting, and leadership

Read our e-book to learn the key metrics CISOs should track to gauge the effectiveness of their security operations center.

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How to secure your organization from generative AI attacks

Explore how cybercriminals create sophisticated cyberattacks by leveraging generative AI tools and how you can use Zero Trust to keep your organization secure.

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IIFL manages 17,000 devices with one technician

IIFL effortlessly manages and secures distributed devices across over 3,000 branches in India. Learn how the company securely provisions resources, ensures compliance, and boosts productivity.

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The ultimate buyers' guide for privileged access management

A privileged access management (PAM) solution is a security necessity, yes; however, where do you begin? And once you've started, will your tool scale with the evolving maturity levels of the PAM market?

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IT budgeting to weather macroeconomic uncertainties in 2023

Be among the first to discover the recession-proof IT budget your peers are betting on. Check out our infographic, "IT budgeting to weather macroeconomic uncertainties in 2023."

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Hudbay Minerals cuts MTTR by 90% using Applications Manager

Learn how the organization gained data-driven visibility with Applications Manager.

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Breaking down AI-powered attacks

Explore the dark side of AI and understand how it is being leveraged by threat actors to launch unprecedented cyberattacks.

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Protect your enterprise applications with cloud‑based MFA

Secure your cloud applications with Identity Manager Plus' MFA by validating user identities through secondary authentication factors before granting access.

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A guide to measuring IT technicians' skill sets accurately

Performance dashboards fail to decipher technician expertise in diverse challenges. This e-book helps you assess technician effectiveness accurately by gauging their skill sets.

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Conquer configuration management woes with OpManager's NCM add-on

Learn how OpManager efficiently manages critical network configurations with its Network Configuration Management module.

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Modern incident management: ManageEngine’s IM framework for IT teams

  Sep 27, 2023

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The power of one — Leveraging Endpoint Central to both manage and secure enterprises

  Oct 10, 2023

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Cut through the hype about Zero Trust

  Oct 19, 2023

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