March Newsletter 2021

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March 2021

ManageEngine named in the 2020 Gartner MQ for ITSM tools

ManageEngine’s flagship IT service management (ITSM) software, ServiceDesk Plus, has been named a Niche Player in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 for IT Service Management Tools.

Dive into the details

Cybersecurity outlook for 2021

Want to know how the threat landscape has evolved and what new cyberthreats await you in 2021? Wondering how to overcome these new challenges? Read our report to be prepared.

Get insights now

We’re in the 2021 Gartner MQ for UEM, Midmarket Context

Desktop Central is recognized for its leading capabilities in managing Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Android Enterprise and OEMConfig, Chrome OS, Linux, and servers.

Inside the MQ

Analytics for ServiceDesk Plus’ Enterprise Service Management

Deliver amazing experiences for your employees across all business functions using insights from Analytics Plus.

Get started

Gain end-to-end visibility into your financial services

Learn how Applications Manager provides detailed visibility into the performance of your critical banking applications and monitors their end-user experience.

Know more

Transform smartphones and tablets into purpose-built devices

Configure and deploy corporate devices for exclusive business operations, like point of sale and digital signage, by locking down devices to specific apps and peripheral functions.

Learn how

Visualize your AWS infrastructure from a unified dashboard

Monitor and optimize the performance of the AWS infrastructure and applications that run on it. Proactively monitor new cloud instances with more than 40 integrations.

Check it out

E-book: Everything you need to know about logon auditing

Meet the security, operational, and compliance needs of your IT environment easily with this free e-book on Windows logon auditing.

Download now

How to reduce account compromises by 99.9 percent using MFA

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has proven to be a powerful weapon against password breaches. Learn how you can use MFA to bolster your organization’s password security.

Get the guide

Upcoming webinars


Improving endpoint security for remote workers through UEM

  Mar 23, 2021

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How to apply the cyber kill chain framework to identify and combat cyberattacks

  Mar 23, 2021

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Creating a future-proof, robust business continuity framework

  Mar 30, 2021

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Top blog posts of this month


How does ManageEngine comply with the UK data protection laws post-Brexit?


The future of work in a post-COVID world


Dangerous defaults that put your IT environment at risk


Features to check for in a network scanner for enterprise networks

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February Newsletter 2021

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February 2021

Cloud-based remote monitoring platform for MSPs

Differentiate your MSP practice. Leverage Site24x7’s full-stack monitoring capabilities to gain comprehensive insights across the IT environments of your SMBs and enterprise customers.

Be customer ready

Best practices for selecting an endpoint management solution

Download our PeerPaper, and hear from our customers’ perspective about how they chose their endpoint security management solutions.

Hear from users directly

E-book: Save on cloud spending using ITOps analytics

Moving to the cloud should save you money, so why are your budget reports still showing higher spending on the cloud?

Find out why

Five AD management challenges in 2021, and how to overcome them

Predictions by Gartner and Forrester on IT management trends this year show Active Directory management could get more challenging in 2021. Here’s how to overcome it.

Simplify AD management

OpManager helps MEP up its network monitoring game

By leveraging OpManager, MEP, a Costa Rican educational organization, gained improved visibility into its IT infrastructure along with improved health and performance.

Check out how

Identify the use of risky cloud services by your employees

Use ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus to track your organization’s web traffic, and create policies to ban inappropriate web content.

Control cloud access

Address your organization’s mobile app management challenges

Streamline mobile app management by efficiently deploying store and in-house apps, locking down devices to required app(s), optimizing app usage and managing multiple app versions.

Learn more

Achieve POPIA compliance with the help of ManageEngine solutions

Meet the extensive security, audit, and documentation requirements of POPIA with our IT management solutions.

Start here

Upcoming webinars


Effective PAM strategies to combat cyberthreats in evolving work environments

  Feb 23, 2021

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Looking back and moving forward: Your IT security strategy

  Mar 2, 2021

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Building a cost-effective, functional network management strategy

  Mar 10, 2021

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Top blog posts of this month


Global remote work stats in 2020 for IT admins


Protect your organization against Adrozek


Five worthy reads: Supply chain cyberwarfare


Credential dumping attacks in Windows environments

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January Newsletter 2021

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January 2021

2020: The year of resilience

Join us as we look back upon how we navigated one of the most baffling years in human history.

Time to reflect

How to strengthen your SIEM framework for 2021

If you’re wondering how you can improve your SIEM framework for 2021, here are three SIEM strategies based on NIST guidelines that your organization can implement right away.

Tell me more

6 essential hacks for your IAM program in the new year

Getting the most of your IAM program or demonstrating its ROI can be tedious. In this e-book, we’ve put together six hacks that’ll help you define and measure relevant metrics.

Read here

5 essential password security measures for a secure 2021

To stay current with today’s escalating security needs, review these five essential password security measures that your organization can easily implement in the new year.

Become immune

Foolproof your home network with these eight cyber hygiene tips

Here’s our infographic that offers a checklist of cybersecurity best practices for remote work.

Grab your copy here

Strengthen endpoint security by implementing the CIA triad

Learn how you can mitigate security risks by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability (the CIA triad) of corporate data on the mobile devices of your distributed workforce.

Learn more

Germany-based organization reaps benefits from OpManager

Find out how OpManager helped GFK manage the network performance of devices from different vendors, and helped reduce the organization’s expenditures on multiple tools.

Learn more

6 help desk hacks to reduce your ticket volume

A mounting pile of IT tickets can be intimidating for any service desk. Read our e-book to learn how to reduce ticket volume using analytics.

Tame your tickets now

[Infographic] A year-end retrospective for the remote you

Site24x7 rolled out a slew of new monitoring capabilities, enhancements and integrations in 2020. Here’s some highlights about the new technologies, features, updates and releases we delivered last year.

Let’s review

Upcoming webinars


How to budget for an effective security analytics solution

  Jan 28, 2021

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Gartner’s 8-step process to define and measure IAM metrics unpacked

  Jan 28, 2021

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Demystifying hybrid IT monitoring: The cloud vs. on-prem dilemma

  Feb 11, 2021

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Top blog posts of this month


A typical day in the life of an IT admin or security analyst


Decision intelligence for critical business moments


How a mobile device management solution can help with securing devices in the digital workspace


Securing a distributed workspace: A cybersecurity checklist for long-term remote work

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December Newsletter 2020

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December 2020
Happy holidays! Spread some joy.

ManageEngine one of the top 10 PIM vendors, says Forrester report

The recent Forrester Wave on privileged identity management elaborates on the recognition.

Ride the Wave with us

ManageEngine Cybersecurity Report 2020

Cyberattacks are ever-evolving, and 2020 was a watershed moment due to the pandemic. Get an overview of newer attacks and their impact across industries.

A timely infographic

[E-book] Top 7 vulnerability management questions answered

Should my security rely solely on patching? Are CVSS scores reliable? How do I deal with zero-days? Find the answers in our e-book.

Dispel your doubts now

Learn security essentials and become cyberaware

Cybersecurity and cyberawareness are everyone’s responsibility. Learn about some of the latest attacks and how you can stop them.

Demystify security

Data security best practices for remote workers

Remote work makes your network more vulnerable to attacks. Read our guide to learn how to detect security compromises in your perimeter and automate your threat response.

Tell me more

3 ways to cut Active Directory administration costs

Trying to use native Active Directory tools to tackle today’s IT challenges is ineffective and puts undue strain on your organization’s IT budget. Here’s how to avoid it.

Start saving

Develop immunity against RDP- and VPN-based attacks

Check out this exclusive guide on how multi-factor authentication can stop RDP- and VPN-based attacks besides helping you comply with regulatory mandates.

Become immune

Leveraging advanced IP scanning for IP address management

Here’s how advanced IP scanning optimizes address space usage, helps you plan ahead, and simplifies IPAM.

Dive into the details

Protect your website from hijack attempts

Safeguard your website from unauthorized hacks and neutralize all defacements before customers are affected to keep your business’s reputation intact.

Ensure website integrity

Upcoming webinars


Windows Security 101: Protecting business sensitive data with file system auditing

  Dec 16, 2020

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MITRE ATT&CK training: Staying ahead of adversarial tactics

  Dec 22, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


5 user behavioral patterns to look out for in a decentralized workspace


Port scanner 101: What it is and why should you use it


The rise in credential stuffing attacks


An 8-point checklist to get Cisco management right

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November Newsletter 2020

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November 2020

Adopt CIS Controls® with the help of ManageEngine solutions

Our IT management solutions can help you meet the discrete CIS Controls® requirements and help your organization develop a top notch security program.

Start here

Empowering MSPs with network monitoring capabilities!

OpManager MSP, ManageEngine’s MSP network monitoring tool, is now out to help MSPs monitor client networks for performance and availability, all from a single central console.

Check it out

We’re a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for APM!

For the second consecutive year, ManageEngine has been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Application Performance Monitoring. See why businesses prefer us.

From our customers

E-book: Attack-proof your AWS

Download our e-book for an overview of AWS configurations and best practices to eliminate security loopholes.

Secure AWS

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is now a Samsung Knox Validated Partner!

Mobile Device Manager Plus has been endorsed by Samsung as a comprehensive MDM solution that supports the latest security features available in Samsung Knox.

Learn more

E-book: 5 ways to create a chaos-free NOC

Chaos and network operations centers (NOCs) always go hand in hand. Learn how advanced analytics can help you streamline NOC processes and become chaos-free.

Tame the chaos now

E-book: Enhancing your defenses against critical data loss

Protecting critical data from falling into the wrong hands is harder than ever. This e-book helps IT admins curb threats to sensitive data.

Plug data leaks

CISA recommendations to recognize and avoid email scams

Email-borne cyberattacks are growing rampant due to remote work. Read our e-book to learn what they are, how they work, and what you can do to avoid them.

Fortify email security

Get holistic visibility into your Azure infrastructure

Monitor over 100 Azure services, and get insights into the availability and performance of your entire Microsoft Azure infrastructure and applications running on the platform.

Start monitoring

14 AD auditing mistakes admins should avoid

Score an in-depth look into the most common mistakes made in auditing Active Directory, and ensure better visibility and security across your network resources.

Perfect your auditing

Upcoming webinars


Harnessing the digital workspace

  Nov 18, 2020

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ME chronicles: The remote journey

  Nov 19, 2020

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10 security vulnerabilities that excite hackers

  Nov 25, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


Why ROT data is an issue, and how to manage it


Preparing an incident response plan for the pandemic and beyond


6 top risk factors to triage vulnerabilities effectively


Patch alert: Vulnerability grants domain admin access in 10 seconds

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October Newsletter 2020

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October 2020

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here!

Test your cybersecurity awareness, indulge your creative side to create a security-themed masterpiece, improve your cybersecurity know-how, and win exciting prizes.

Celebrate cybersecurity

We’re in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for PAM

For the second time in a row, we’ve captured a spot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions! Grab your free copy of the full report.

PAM360 picked

Introducing the endpoint security add-on for Desktop Central

Prevent threats by securing the vulnerable aspects of endpoints, such as unauthorized/unmonitored browsers, devices, and applications.

Check it out

Manage privilege creep without compromising productivity

One-off access requests often stand in the way of least privilege security principles. Handle these requests with ease using temporary privilege elevation or interim application access.

Try it now

Rethinking your cybersecurity monitoring strategy

New security loopholes were discovered in the last few months; it’s time to rethink your cybersecurity monitoring strategy. Our e-book discusses four key areas you should consider now.

Update your strategy

A complete guide to the HIPAA-NIST compliance crosswalk

Implementing HIPAA security rules can be challenging. Read our e-book to learn how HIPAA security rules can be better implemented by following the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Compliance simplified

Don’t let anomalies in email activity slip under your radar

Using just the native tools to monitor your Exchange server can be daunting. Learn how to detect and mitigate anomalies before they snowball into a huge data breach.

Show me how

E-book: Bandwidth monitoring best practices

Read about real-time bandwidth monitoring, finding the best monitoring tool, and streamlining your bandwidth management strategy.

Grab your copy

E-book: A deep dive into the SAMA Cybersecurity Framework

We’ll show you how to implement the SAMA Cybersecurity Framework to ensure robust security against unanticipated threats.

Your guide to SAMA

Ensure an uninterrupted web experience for users

Detect slow transactions, issues with APIs, load performance problems, and domain expiration to ensure website uptime, optimize performance, and deliver a delightful web experience.

Done with downtime

Upcoming webinars


Securing files and preventing data leaks

  Oct 28, 2020

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Five essential SIEM use cases for 2020 and beyond

  Nov 3, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


The evolving employee experience


Best practices for your cloud monitoring strategy


How to monitor IIS effectively


macOS 11 Big Sur: A bird’s-eye view

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September Newsletter 2020

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September 2020

[Infographic] Ace data security with these four fundamentals

Update your basic data security knowledge, and discover the finer points for safeguarding your business-critical data.

Back to basics

Scale your IT and gain the cloud advantage

Equip your IT team with our advanced solutions to manage, monitor, and secure your multi-cloud and hybrid IT environment.

Explore now

E-book: A definitive guide for not falling prey to ransomware

Ransomware cost businesses globally more than $75 billion last year. Learn how you can steer clear of the hefty fines, and thwart ransomware by updating your anti-ransomware strategy.

Ransomware-proof your data

E-book: Master Linux security management for your network

Not only Windows and Mac, even Linux systems can fall victim to cyberattacks. This e-book helps IT sysadmins improve their existing Linux security procedures.

Secure your Linux

Streamline your identity governance with business workflows

Trace employee access and identity changes by empowering managers to validate the requests via automated workflows.

Tell me more

Enhance your network traffic analysis with IP address management

With the new IP address management add-on in NetFlow Analyzer, our well-rounded bandwidth management tool, analyze your network’s top users and block ports with anomalous traffic.

Dive into the details

The five common mistakes of an incident response plan

The worst cyberattacks are due to the common IR mistakes made repeatedly. Review the five common mistakes of the IR plan and learn how to avoid them.

Optimize your IR plan

Active Directory account lockout best practices

Learn and implement these nine account lockout best practices to minimize disruptions in your network.

Get started now

Monitor and ensure seamless digital experience for users

Analyze, improve, and continuously test application performance by synthetic simulation on real-browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and ensure a smooth digital experience for users.

Enhance user experience

Upcoming webinars


A five-step plan for effective data protection

  Sep 22, 2020

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Active Directory under attack: From zero access to domain admin in 40 minutes

  Sep 29, 2020

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Identity and Access Management: A prerequisite for cybersecurity?

  Oct 13, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


How augmented data management can pave the way for better decision-making


5 tips to avoid cyberattacks on EdTech platforms


We studied how the pandemic has affected ITSM—here are the results


Promote productivity without compromising on security through role-based access control

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August Newsletter 2020

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August 2020

Launching Desktop Central Cloud: Embrace UEM the SaaS way!

Monitor and manage your remote devices, secure all endpoints (including BYOD ones), troubleshoot remotely, and much more—all from the cloud.


Reach new heights

We’re a 2020 Customers’ Choice for IT Infrastructure Monitoring

OpManager and Applications Manager each rated over four stars on Gartner Peer Insights.


Read Gartner’s report

Execute the perfect VPN strategy

Jump on the remote work bandwagon and craft a spot-on VPN strategy using our intelligent VPN monitoring solution.


Act now

The ITOM Podcast | Managing IT for a remote workforce

Tune in to our podcast series for our expert take on the various IT challenges faced while working remotely.


Time to subscribe

Enhanced security for business data throughout its life cycle

Fortify mobile devices to secure corporate data at rest, in use, and in motion.


Secure now

Are your Zoom meetings productive?

Collect and manage event metrics from Zoom meetings, webinars, conference rooms, and chats, and ensure a positive user experience during online business meetings.


Enhance collaboration

Become cyber resilient with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Gartner says half of US organizations will adopt the NIST Cybersecurity Framework by 2020. Find out how to align with the framework’s core functions.


NIST knows best

[Free calculator] Find how much data hoarding costs you

Use our interactive ROT data calculator to discover how much you can save by managing junk data with no value to your business.


Start calculating

E-book: A 3-step guide to fortifying PHI

Securing PHI is no small feat. Learn the best practices to secure electronic health records, prevent data loss, and meet compliance regulations.


Secure your PHI

E-book: Guide to data democratization

Learn how to tame the deluge of IT data from your applications and databases, and instill a data-driven decision-making culture in your organization.


Data for all

Upcoming webinars


5 steps to perform a risk assessment in your network


Aug 20, 2020

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How to prevent insider threats with anomaly detection


Aug 27, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


Telecommunications giant reveals an AD server breach


How to protect your IT infrastructure from a Maze ransomware attack


Embracing Zero Trust during a pandemic


6 Linux server performance metrics to look out for


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July Newsletter 2020

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July 2020

SysAdmin Day 2020 celebrations

It’s that time of the year again—time to appreciate and celebrate our sysadmins, the true champions of IT. Participate in the 2020 SysAdmin Olympics, and win exciting prizes.


Celebrate with us

Gear up for the remote work reality with ManageEngine

Ensure business continuity by providing secure tools for remote infrastructure management.


Get started today

ManageEngine launches a stellar Office365 security solution

Detect security attacks and analyze risky activities with M365 Security Plus—an exclusive Office 365 security solution. Leverage advanced security features to fortify Office 365.


Explore now

ManageEngine named Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for UEM

Apart from being named an “Overall Leader,” KuppingerCole also recognized Manageengine as a “Product Leader,” and an “Innovation Leader.”


Dive into the details

Launching advanced analytics for ServiceNow

Supercharge your help desk with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards by integrating ServiceNow with Analytics Plus.


Fire it up

Stop overspending on your cloud resources

Gain visibility into your AWS cloud spending, and cut down costs spent on redundant resources. Set budgets, and track project-wise spending.


Control your costs

See what KuppingerCole has to say about ManageEngine PAM360

A new Executive View report on ManageEngine PAM360 is out! Learn what a senior analyst at KuppingerCole had to say about PAM360’s privileged access management capabilities.


An expert opinion

Remote employee management with ADManage Plus

Fortify your network by effectively managing remote employees’ identity and access rights.


Learn more

NetFlow Analyzer gets an upgrade with the APM integration

Proactively monitor your business-critical APM services and applications, all from your network traffic analysis tool.


The best of both worlds

A complete guide to developing an effective DLP strategy

Learn how to choose the right data loss prevention (DLP) software for your organization, and perfect your DLP strategy using our six – step plan.


No more data leaks

Info-Tech recognizes Desktop Central as a Leader in Unified Endpoint Management

In competing against 15 other vendors from the UEM space, ManageEngine has earned the highest rankings in Info-Tech’s Data Quadrant report. Explore our comprehensive Product Scorecard.


Download the reports

Upcoming webinars


Push the limits of your conventional network infrastructure


July 22, 2020

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Leading by innovation: AI, IT, and the new normal


July 22, 2020

Register »

Leading by innovation: AI, IT, and the new normal


July 22, 2020

Register »

Artificial Intelligence in everyday IT management


July 28, 2020

Register »

Creating an early warning system to avoid insider threats due to remote workers


July 30, 2020

Register »

Four key components critical to the future of privileged access management


Aug 04, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


Your return-to-the-office cybersecurity checklist


Privacy in pandemic management


Curtail security exploits in applications and fortify your remote endpoints


Securing Azure Active Directory from PowerShell abuse



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June Newsletter 2020

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June 2020

Launching FileAnalysis, the answer to your data storage woes

Quickly identify file security vulnerabilities, deduplicate files, and control data growth with our all-new file analysis solution.


Take charge

Optimize your data security through USB encryption protocols

Fortify your network boundary, achieve compliance, and mitigate data disclosure with Device Control Plus’ trust-based capability to whitelist BitLocker-encrypted USB devices only.


Up your security

Our new status and incident communication platform has launched

Enhance your customer experience and business transparency with StatusIQ. Send instant notifications for real-time incidents, scheduled maintenance, or service disruptions.


Improve transparency

Streamline remote work with our ITOM solutions

Resolve all your remote work hassles and maintain operational continuity with our arsenal of ITOM solutions.


Find out how

How the National Health Service (NHS) improved its cybersecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic

A frontline cybersecurity employee at NHS shares how their organization protects sensitive medical data.


Hear it firsthand

If a cyberattack strikes, are you ready to tackle it?

Build a strong security operations center (SOC) and optimize it to spot, triage, and mitigate security threats through an intelligence-led approach to security operations.


The ABCs of SOCs

A complete guide to LGPD compliance

Businesses that handle the personal data of Brazilian data subjects need to be LGPD-compliant before Aug. 15. Read this guide to better comprehend LGPD compliance procedures.


Grab your copy

7 missing metrics in your agile project management dashboard

Agile project management dashboards are incomplete without metrics to show how reliable your estimates are or how well your team has met past commitments.


View the missing metrics

How can improper password management affect remote employees?

Mismanagement of passwords can send your organization into a downward spiral. Learn preventive best practices that hold true even while working remotely from our expert.


Safety first

How to select the best VPN to maintain business continuity

Robust VPN infrastructure has to be commissioned to enable a remote workforce. Learn how to choose the right VPN and protocols for your business.


Choose wisely

The FBI’s recommendations for defending against business email compromise (BEC) attacks

Learn about the anatomy of BEC scams, some recent cases of successful attacks, and how you can steer clear of such scams with timely detection and proactive countermeasures.


Mitigate BEC scams

The Essential Eight Maturity Model: What does it mean for your organisation?

Take our quick quiz to determine your organisation’s maturity level and security preparedness for tackling advanced cyberattacks.


See where you stand

Upcoming webinars


Password security in the times of remote working


June 17, 2020

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Mitigate endpoint security gaps for your remote workforce using analytics


June 17, 2020

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CCPA compliance: Getting ready for enforcement


June 25, 2020

Register »

Are your applications ready for the new digital transformation?


June 25, 2020

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Top blog posts of this month


ISO/IEC 20000 certification: What it is, why your organization needs it, and how to get it


How implementing a BYOD initiative helps prepare remote workers for COVID-19 era challenges


Email, security, and breaches


5 major risks that impact vulnerable network devices


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